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12 Items That Can Clog Your Toilet

Are you one of those people who treat their toilet as a trash can? Well, you just may be setting yourself up for major repairs.

To save money on professional drain cleaning services in Provo and save yourself from the hassle of having a clogged toilet, you should never flush these items down your toilet:

Paper towels

They may look and feel like regular toilet paper, but paper towels are not designed to disintegrate as fast as regular toilet paper in the sewer.


Baby wipes and cosmetic wipes do not decompose nor disintegrate in the sewer, which is why they should never be flushed down the toilet. No matter how much gross gunk they contain, you should always dispose of them in the trash.

Menstrual products

It may be tempting to just flush your pads and tampons down the toilet to save yourself the hassle, but it can easily clog a drain pipe even with just a single piece. Since menstrual products are made to absorb liquids, they will only expand in the pipes.

Dental floss

Floss may be tiny and look easily flushable, but instead of going down the drain smoothly, they can entangle with other waste products and form a nasty net in your plumbing.


Diapers aren’t easy to flush, and that’s because you’re not meant to flush them. Just like menstrual products, they will only absorb water and expand in the pipes, so just chuck them in the trash.


When hair is flushed down the toilet, it can form a big knotted ball in the pipes and cause a blockage.


Now, this doesn’t seem to make sense. How can you clean your toilet if you can’t use bleach? Well, bleach can corrode and damage your pipes, as well as release toxic fumes upon contact. Instead of bleach, use regular toilet cleaners.

Dead fish

People usually flush their fish when it passes away. However, a whole fish won’t be able to break down in the water fast enough before a clog forms. Bury the fish in your backyard instead.


Band-aids are made from plastic, which is impossible to degrade in the drains.

Cigarette butts

Cigarette butts are not only made from non-degradable material; the toxins can corrupt the wastewater even more.



If you throw out medication via the toilet, you are actively contaminating your local water source. If you have expired or unwanted medicines that you need to get rid of, secure them in a bag and throw it in the trash can.


No matter how much you chew a piece of gum, they can still stick in the pipes and block the flow of water. It only takes a little time for a clog to form.

Remember that there are only three things that you can flush down the toilet: toilet paper, poop, and pee. Stick to these 3Ps and you won’t have to waste time and money unclogging your pipes.

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