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3 Pointers to Prepare Your Bachelor Pad for the Upcoming Winter Season

Now that the winter season is almost upon us, you may be thinking of spending most of your time in your bachelor pad. This is both an exciting and daunting prospect, as you have to ensure that your property is ready for the colder climate. True, living solo needs no reason for you to worry about other people’s expectations, but you will still need to keep your comfort and well-being in mind. Lessen the pressure and prepare your place with these pointers in mind:

Prep Your Home Exterior

Feel free to skip this step if you are residing in a condominium or other similar living spaces. For those who aren’t, then you need to start working on getting your yard ready. Clean up and cover your patio furniture with a heavy tarp to shield them from the elements.

Put your large machinery and power tools inside the garage or shed and start draining your sprinklers and faucets. Check your roof and drains for possible repairs and replacements. If you have a garden, see which plants you can keep indoors and harvest as much as you can.

Inspect HVAC System

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The last thing that you want to happen is to get stuck inside your home freezing to the bone because you forgot to have your HVAC checked. You could do it yourself either with simple cleaning and minor repairs or HVAC experts to do the work for you.

You may have to check your air ducts as well, so do ask if your hired professionals have that kind of service available. If your furnace or any part of your heating system is too far gone, then consider buying energy-efficient models to replace them. Finally, keep the contact numbers for a trustworthy a 24/7 HVAC service provider handy in case of sudden emergencies.

Clean and Cozy

Speaking of cleaning, you need to make sure that your home is spic and span for the long months ahead. Tidy and clean up your residence from top to bottom. ProKleen also recommends hiring carpet cleaning services for your Salt Lake City home before the cold weather sets in.

Segregate your belongings and sell what you don’t need online or just donate them to the needy this coming holiday season. Purchase additional storage for other possessions that you won’t be using during the winter months. Also, check for possible gaps or cracks on your walls and ceilings so your heat won’t seep out. If necessary, change your weather-stripping or even your door or window frames if they seem too worn out to keep the heat in.

As you’re supposed to be enjoying and relaxing during the upcoming holiday season, complete all of these tasks as soon as you can to avoid getting stressed when the cold sets in. You don’t want to be working on these issues once the snowfall starts, so create a schedule to efficiently complete your to-do list and stick to it. Once that’s all done you can eventually focus on spending the rest of the winter days comfortably in your bachelor pad. Here’s to wonderfully warm holiday despite the cold outside!

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