3 Ways Men Can Keep Their Bathrooms Clean and Low-key

Next to the bedroom, nothing probably spells comfort and relaxation than a bathroom. The problem is, this part of the house can become high maintenance. Think of mold, grout issues, plumbing, clutter within a small space, and many more.

Men deserve a low-maintenance bathroom without compromising function and style. Fortunately, you’re born at a time when options are already plenty. You can achieve this goal by considering the following ideas:

1. Spare Yourself the Clutter

The general rule is less is more, and you’ll be surprised to know that your bathroom actually doesn’t need much. Medications and supplements need to be out as they need the right temperature to maintain their quality. Bathrooms can experience high levels of moisture that can damage these goods.

It’s also not advisable to store towels in the room as moisture can make them susceptible to dampness and, therefore, a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

You may also want to get rid of the toothbrushes. In case you don’t know, every time you flush the toilet, some of your excrement (sorry for the gross word) can actually end up on your brushes.

However, if you already have limited space, your next best option is to install vanity cabinets. No, these are not medicine cabinets or stand-alone ones that only eat up your available square footage. It is usually a combination of a sink and a cabinet underneath, which can act as your storage space.

By keeping the doors closed, you can help reduce the likelihood that mold and dampness can invade your towels. This is also an excellent place to store your bathroom cleaning supplies and extra toiletries. This way, the countertop is free of clutter, and the space becomes less headache-inducing.

2. Choose the Right Flooring


Since we’re talking about a bathroom, the basic qualification when choosing the flooring is it should be waterproof. Now, if you want to spend less, a water-resistant laminate is already a great pick. The high-density-fiber core is usually water-resistant. You can also choose a variety of designs, including those that mimic wood.

However, this isn’t the most durable option, and if you are a heavy bathroom user, you’ll likely find yourself changing it within the next three to five years. Some designs can appear tacky as well.

If you have the money to spare or want the bathroom to feel more luxurious, opt for engineered wood flooring with a rigid core. Engineered wood is still natural wood, but it is sometimes called man-made wood since composite layers of timber running in various directions and placed on top of a ply base make it.

But this method makes engineered wood more durable and stable, especially in places like bathrooms. Moreover, because this comes with a rigid core, the flooring uses a lock-and-click system. It doesn’t require nails that are prone to corrosion, you can install the flooring yourself, replace the damaged one easily, and minimize water from getting into the flooring system.

Ceramic tiles also make an excellent (and popular) alternative to bathroom flooring. They’re easy to clean, extremely durable, and might be less pricey than natural wood. But they can be a pain to install, so you need to spend more on experts.

Nevertheless, if you plan on using tiles, you may want to get the big ones because you want to minimize grout. Besides, although they are often more expensive than smaller tiles per piece, when you buy them in bulk, they will appear to be more affordable or reasonably priced.

3. Invest in Water Softener

Sometimes your biggest enemy in the bathroom isn’t the mold and mildew or even the clutter. It might be hard water. If you live in states like Utah where the water hardness level is way above normal, you need to invest in a water softener.

Sometimes called ion exchange units, these appliances strip the water supply with mineral deposits such as calcium and magnesium. Although some studies suggest that ingesting them may help reduce the risk of deficiencies, they are particularly bad for your bathroom fixtures.

In particular, hard water can cause the buildup of calcium that can lead to scaling and discoloration or staining. Worse, at some point, they can make your showerheads and even your toilet less effective, so you may use more water than needed.

Shops sell water softeners according to grain unit or the maximum number of grains from water hardness it can get rid of before regeneration. Lowe’s recommends considering not only the size of the house but also the number of people using the bathroom and the amount of water you use to get your best number.

According to statistics, men spend an equivalent of 855 days of their lives in the bathroom. In fact, they tend to spend a much longer time than women. Wouldn’t it be great if you can also have a fantastic time while you’re in there?

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