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4 Reasons You’re Not Sleeping Well

Not everyone can get a good night’s sleep most of the time. Statistics reveal that 68% of Americans have trouble sleeping at least once a week. Stress, eating habits, room temperature, and other factors can cause sleeplessness.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, it’s important to pinpoint exactly the cause so that you can address and adjust them and form better habits. Here are some common reasons that people don’t sleep well.

Your eating habits

What we eat contributes to how our body functions. It’s common knowledge that eating healthily can boost our energy and improve our mood. But did you know that your eating habits also affect the quality of sleep you’re getting?

If you have trouble sleeping, it may be because you’re not eating right. High-fat foods, for example, put us at risk of sleep apnea, which is a condition wherein oxygen is blocked from entering our lungs when we’re in slumber. Caffeine and alcohol consumption also have negative effects. They interfere with our sleep cycle, resulting in fragmented and low quality of rest.

The solution is to start eating healthier and adhere to an active lifestyle. As much as possible, take only light meals for dinner and eat a couple of hours before bedtime. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and caffeine at night, too.

You’re stressed

There are a lot of external and environmental factors that weigh down on us daily. The demands of everyday life keep us busy every second, and we’re bound to meet people who are just natural stress machines. This may be why you’re not getting good sleep.

We tend to look back on our day and overthink the things that have happened before going to bed. But doing this will cause us to become restless. Those who are stressed may even think they don’t deserve to rest, considering that they have a ton of things to accomplish.

But getting a good quality of sleep will do a lot in terms of boosting our energy and refreshing our minds. If you find yourself stressed in the day and getting poor slumber at night, try to do a relaxing activity before hitting the sack. Turn off your devices, avoid thinking of work, and do something that makes you happy and calm.

Waking upYour bedroom set up is not ideal

Another thing that could be affecting the quality of your sleep is your bedroom setup. While some people can sleep anywhere, others need a comfortable space dedicated to quiet slumber. Various factors, like your room’s temperature, bedding, and lighting, become relevant in how well you sleep.

Maybe it’s time for a bedroom renovation. Paint the walls with a color that makes you feel calm, buy soft and comfortable bamboo sheets online, add fluffy pillows, and install air purifiers. These may seem like extra expenses, but they’re worth it if you’re after getting a better quality of sleep.

You exercise at night

Time and time again, we’ve heard that exercise is healthy. It is, definitely. But a heart-raising and energy-boosting exercise might not be ideal to do at night. You have to time it right. As much as possible, schedule your exercises in the morning.

Lack of or poor quality of sleep is, indeed, frustrating. No one wants to wake up in the morning feeling exhausted. What you should do now is find the root cause of your sleep deprivation and address it so that you can get better slumber.

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