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Garage Expansion: 5 Ways to Make Your Space Look Bigger

Do you feel that your garage is too cramped for efficient use? This is often the case with a lot of prefabricated homes. You were promised a garage that could fit two to three cars, but it was just a letdown. Your garage is neither comfortable nor practical because it might be too small for your needs.

There’s another kind of small garage, which is literally smaller than the usual and can fit only one car. Even then, it’s just too stuffy for daily use. You’re lucky if you can afford to have yours renovated or extended. However, the likely scenario is that you’re forced to stick with what you have and make do.

Here’s good news for you; there are ways you can further maximize your small garage. It requires a bit of effort and investment, but you’ll realize that it’s all worthwhile once you see the result.

The Junk Must Go

The junk you store in your garage is eating up valuable space. This is why the first thing you must do is throw away everything you don’t use. Refrain from jumping straight into reorganizing your stuff. Doing so will not reduce your clutter because you’ll just be tempted to find a better hiding spot for them.

Be ruthless in throwing away old possessions and relocate some items back into your home. It’s when you’re down to a few boxes of seasonal items, gym equipment, and workshop tools that you’ll be able to create the right storage for them in such limited space.

Upgrade Its Main Features

The next thing you have to do is upgrade its main features, meaning its walls, ceiling, flooring, and garage door. Most garages have an unfinished look. The drywall and the plain flooring don’t help in improving the appeal of a small space.

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When choosing paint, go for lighter shades with glossy finishes. Light colors like white and powder blue can make any space look bigger. You’ll notice how a glossy finish can amplify this effect when the lighting reflects on your walls.

Another big feature you should consider upgrading is your garage door. You can repaint your old one or have a new door installed. To make the most of your investment, opt for a high-quality garage door. Share your vision with your contractor so that they can recommend the right material, style, and function for your garage.

Optimize Vertical and Overhead Storage

Using traditional shelves makes your space smaller because they consume a lot of space. Trade those shelves for pegboards, hooks, and floating cabinets that enable vertical storage. Being able to store your bicycles, ladders, golf clubs, and gym equipment on your walls free up the floor. Another benefit to vertical storage is that you’re less likely to tolerate clutter. The more intentional you are with organizing your walls, the more difficult it is to store items where they shouldn’t be.

Consider overhead storage options as well, especially if you have a high ceiling. With the right materials and design, you can use it to safely keep bulky and heavy items like boxes of seasonal clothes, decors, and equipment.

Use a Car Lift

A car lift is a great solution for small garages with high ceilings. Instead of converting it to accommodate overhead storage, you can use the extra height to install a car lift to hold both of your cars.

There are many car lift options available in the market, and a fair number of residential properties use them. In case math and logistics aren’t your forte, it’s best to approach a contractor to install yours. They’ll be the best judge of whether your garage is suitable for it and which type will give you the best results.

Install Smaller and Foldable Alternatives

There are times when vertical storage is not enough, and you have to make use of traditional shelves. If your workbench and other garage furniture can’t fit anywhere else in your house, the wisest thing you can do is switch to smaller alternatives and ones you can either fold or dismantle easily. These kinds of items will prevent your garage space from shrinking again, and they’ll help create the illusion that your garage is bigger than it actually is.

Making the Most of Your Garage

When you have no choice but to make do with what you have, know that there are solutions you can turn to. These small garage hacks will lead to better use of space and added convenience. Although they require work and research, the result is surely something you’ll love.

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