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8 Pandemic Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Partner With

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching (or has already passed by the time this blog gets posted) and as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, men who are thinking of the perfect gift for their lady loves should pick from the most sought-after items by women these days. These items either have decorative, therapeutic, or functional values, depending on the person’s needs and preferences.

If you want to please your woman with what you have to offer, here are eight of the best pandemic gift ideas you must consider:

Quilting/crocheting supplies.

If your wife or girlfriend is working or studying from home and you know that she’s into crafting things such as sweaters, skirts, or table runners through crocheting or quilting, then you should visit your local crochet or quilt supplies store soon.

Both crocheting and quilting are excellent pastimes for women who are spending extended time at home during the pandemic. Not only are these two hobbies great practice for creativity and eye-hand coordination, but they are also great ways to make productive use of time since most of the items produced have decorative and practical applications.

Beauty box.

Stressed-out women because of the pandemic are far too many, and they all need something to pamper themselves with. If you think your partner is due for a much-needed personal relaxation while at home, then a beauty box with face oils, eye patches, face mists, and bath soaks is a perfect gift. With it, your loved one can have a spa-like pampering experience whenever she feels like it, and she will surely thank you for it.

Essential oils and diffuser.

Essential oils are proven to have therapeutic effects that are excellent for a person’s wellness, especially amid COVID-19. You can find plenty of online sellers and physical stores that offer essential oil sets that already includes a diffuser. You can also just buy some essential oils since they can be directly dabbed onto the skin for instant effect. Your woman could likewise put a few drops on a piece of cotton ball or her handkerchief and smell it to get relaxed.

Designer perfumes.


Perfumes will always be among women’s all-time favorites, and it would be great if you know the particular scents your partner loves. You won’t have a hard time buying designer perfumes these days since a lot of online stores and shops sell them. If you don’t know the specific scents that your wife or girlfriend is wearing, you can just make a discreet inquiry by complimenting her nice smell and asking what’s it she’s wearing.

A yoga mat, an exercise ball, and other basic home exercise items.

If your woman is big on keeping herself in great physical and mental shape, then you have to buy her some exercise items that she can use to stay fit at home. These items include yoga mats, exercise balls, fitness videos, and the like. There are stores everywhere, both online and physical, where you can score these products so it should be a quick buy for you.

Fancy, yet functional face masks.

If your lady love is keen on fashion, an excellent pandemic gift is a designer face mask. However, make sure that the mask you’re getting isn’t purely decorative but functional as well. This means that it should afford your partner similar protection against minute air-borne droplets that contain the deadly SARS-CoV-2.

Home-baked goods.

Comfort foods are pretty much-needed these days, with all the stress and uncertainties that the ongoing crisis is bringing to people across the world. If the girlfriend or wife has a sweet tooth, then you should consider sending or bringing her a box full of home-baked goods such as chocolates and cookies.

The pandemic has given rise to local bakers who offer mouth-watering goodies that help make the situation a little easier to bear. Chocolates, for one, have a relaxing effect that is perfect for every weary woman in the middle of a health crisis. By giving her a box of such goodies from a local seller, you’re hitting two birds with a single stone: supporting local business while showing how much you care for your partner.

Cozy bed sheet set, comforter, and pillows.

Getting under comfy sheets will surely make your partner’s mood light up, so a cozy set that includes some bedsheets, a comforter, and some pillows is a perfect idea. A great night’s sleep is not only great for one’s health, but it’s also important to keep one energetic and productive the following morning. Give her a plush bedding set and make her happy.

With these great gift suggestions, you should be on your way to making your partner jolly and content throughout the pandemic.

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