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A Man’s Guide to Selecting the Appropriate Fragrance

As humans, what separates us from our primal drives is the fact that we are raised with rational thinking and a purpose in society. Of course, we’re also taught various social etiquette to ensure that we’re well-behaved.

But at the end of the day, most of the things that we do in life is still heavily influenced by our primal drives. Want to get that promotion in your office? Humans are naturally hierarchical. Are you looking to pick a fight with someone you don’t like? Fighting is one of the most ancient primal drives that we have as humans. As you can see, our brains are hardwired to work, reproduce, and provide sustenance for ourselves and others.

But there’s one part of our senses closely linked to our primal instincts: our sense of smell. There’s a reason why most men will wear their best perfume if they’re going on a date: it’s a way of tapping into our most primal emotions.

Cologne and perfumes have been around for centuries, and they have worked with astonishing results. But as a man, what should you pick when you’re going on a date? Does it matter what type of fragrance you’ll choose? We’ll be here to guide you through how perfumes and colognes work.

Why Should You Wear Fragrance?

Despite what most people think, wearing good perfume isn’t just something that makes you attractive, but it’s also an excellent way to increase your confidence. But other than that, what are some practical benefits of wearing the right cologne?

  • More attractive — Ever watched documentaries on animals? Most mammals are hardwired in choosing their mate through their sense of smell if you haven’t noticed. The scent is one of the most influential factors for women in choosing the right man. While men use their eyes to distinguish a potential mate, a woman uses her sense of smell.
  • Fosters deeper emotions — Want to convince someone about your business plan? You would be surprised by what a good cologne can do for you. Our sense of smell is known for tapping into our emotional side. So the stronger and more unique the sense of smell that the other person is getting from you, your chances of convincing that person about your current business venture will significantly increase. However, this depends on the scent that you use. Want to remind her of the last time she had dinner with her dad? There might be a scent just for that.
  • Makes you look sharp — A part of looking good isn’t just on your visual aesthetic: it’s also the atmosphere that you exude. Want to look good? You have to be comfortable under your skin. A good cologne can set your confidence straight.

Some perfumes and cologne are known for lasting more than a few weeks on clothes. It’s important to note that these products have been designed with a useful lifespan in mind, that even if you’re wearing some genuinely good perfume, the smell will stick, even if you’re operating an industrial lawn vacuum.

So, in summary, wearing fragrance is like tapping into the primal psyche of who you’re interacting with; they might not notice it at first, but the influence that you have is subtle but real.

What’s the Difference Between the Various Fragrances?

essential oil

There are many differences to fragrances, and it’s not just some fancy French pronunciation and spelling that makes one different from the other. Here’s what each ‘label’ actually means:

  • Perfume — Historically, perfume is a unisex term. Culturally, it has feminine connotations in the United States but will be considered genderless in some parts. It will usually contain 15% to 20% of the essence, which can last up to five to eight hours.
  • Parfum — This more intense than perfume and will have a slightly oilier texture, with most having a consistency of around 20% to 30%, which means that it can last the whole day.
  • Cologne — This is an old term, and most American men will use this. The scent is usually light and fresh, with just a small percentage of perfume mixed with alcohol and water.
  • Toilette — It is a bit more intense than a cologne, with around 5% to 15%. That is as opposed to the 1% to 3% from a cologne.

There’s a lot more to perfumes and colognes than just these types of fragrances, though. Some individuals will use a perfume wheel or a Maslow-esque pyramid of fragrances to know what they should wear on a date. Crazy, right? No worries; you don’t necessarily need to learn all of these things. As long as you know what type of fragrance will work well with your natural scent, you’re all set for that date.

There’s a whole science right behind the fragrance industry, and it’s not just a simple task of smelling the final product; it’s a rigorous process that goes through several methodical studies. But at the end of the day, we wear our fragrance to make us unique, exude confidence, and express ourselves beyond what people can merely see. At some point in a person’s life, they’ll remember you and the impression you give from a single smell.

Don’t worry; there are many fragrances in the market you can choose from. Sometimes, it might take a reasonable amount of time to find one that you’re comfortable with. Still, you must find one that will complement your natural scent and overall “atmosphere.” Ultimately, just be yourself, and you’ll find that cologne that’s good for you.

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