A Simple Guide to Outdoor Maintenance

Nothing beats the feeling of being able to open your windows without the fear of the freezing winter cold. It’s also a good time to give our homes a good flip inside out to get it ready for the year’s occasions.

Cleaning a part of your home already takes time, but a full cleanup? That’ll take about more than a day, depending on how much time you allot for the activity. But you shouldn’t let that hold you back. You can always opt for cleaning and maintenance services that can help you clean better and faster.

To guide you during your spring maintenance project, here’s a list of the things you should keep your attention on to ensure your time and effort won’t go to waste:

1. Rake up leaves from winter.

A good way to start your spring cleanup project is to start outside your home. Begin by raking up leftover leaves that survived the previous season. If you have outdoor plants displayed, you can also start laying down mulch to protect them from light suffocation and keep those stubborn weeds at bay.

You should also check your garden faucets on while you’re outside, see if they need repair. If you’ve previously opted for lawn care services, you might want to consider renewing your relationship with them.

2. Get your trees checked.

If you have trees planted on your property, you should have them inspected by a professional arborist. Arborists are trained to check trees for signs of illness, dead branches, and give attention to problems before they get worse and cause the death of your trees.

You may not be able to spot all signs of damage in a tree. So, it’s better to reach out to certified arborists to help you. A dying or dead tree poses safety hazards to people in your lot and your neighbors.

3. Do lawn care.

Lawn care tasks should include reseeding, filling bald patches in, planting new greens, and hydrating the lawn. As spring brings in brighter colors for your lawn plants, you might want to get them prepared through fertilization.

Ensure you’re using the right amount and type of fertilizer to ensure that your plants and grass grow the way you want them to.


4. Mow your lawn.

Wintertime is the only time of the year when lawnmowers are not used. You probably have one unit lying around ready to do its work and improve your lawn. If you put your lawnmower in the right storage, all you need to do is drain leftover fuel from your last use and clean the essential parts to ensure that it doesn’t die on you when you need it.

To make sure your lawnmower works as intended, bring it to a small-engine repair shop. They could sharpen your mower’s blades, change the necessary parts, and make sure the machine works safely.

5. Inspect your home’s outdoors.

This could be done by walking around the outer area of your home. You should check for cracks in your concrete, especially within your driveway area. You should also check your roof for signs of holes or loose shingles. If you have a chimney, you should also check for obstruction.

While at it, you might want to check on your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system and steam heating systems. If they’re placed outside, they’re prone to damage from changing weather and other factors. Make sure to reach out to HVAC companies or opt for annual maintenance services.

6. Check your gutters.

Gutters are essential to keeping rainwater out of where it shouldn’t be. It directs the flow to the right areas that won’t damage your roof and your home structure. See if some leaks or objects will derail the flow of rainwater.

7. See if you need to repaint.

Your walls and roof’s paint protects them from wear. Having your paint redone consistently will help keep your home looking new and protected from weather effects. Chipped paint also doesn’t look very ideal if you want a home that looks nice all year.

8. Clean your pool.

If you have a swimming pool built, it’s high time to prepare the structure for use during summer. You have to drain the water, treat it, check valves and filters for damage, and check if the pool is safe for the intended use.

Pool service companies are well-versed in keeping pools in good shape. Make sure to reach out to them to make the job easier on your end.

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