Basic Rules in Men’s Fashion Everyone Keeps Forgetting

Many often connote fashion with women. But the thing is, men’s fashion is just as stunning too. Usually, men’s fashion is not that complicated compared to the many layers women need in clothing. Understandably, that is what differentiates the two. However, that does not mean that every guy out there knows how to pair up things to wear in an everyday scenario. Just because guys need fewer garments does not mean it is easy either. Guys can still go wrong over colors, pairings, and even accessories. How about you? Are you familiar with this struggle? Don’t worry. This article will help out with the basics that most guys usually forget.

Your Ties Should Not Reach Your Belt

How many formal gatherings have you attended? How many job interviews have you done? Have you ever noticed how you did your ties back then? You can give it some thought. Check your old Facebook photos from too. Now, it is understandable that ties are complicated art forms, and it takes lots of practice to get the thing around your neck. Once you do, you feel proud already.

However, gone are the days when ties extend longer than your life. Perhaps in the 90s, long neckties are a thing, but today fashion frowns upon it. You are not an exhausted employee with a loose tie hanging touching your buckle. You’ll want to make sure your necktie is firm and just about your navel. Do this, and you are sure to make the next interview yours.

Black Is to Black, and Brown Is to Brown

Speaking of belts, did you know that the color of your shoes, belts, and even watches should match? Sure, no one on the street will even give a feather about the color of your belt. Still, if you want to set a good impression at formal gatherings, you should think otherwise.

For example, you had to go on a first dinner date with a woman you really like. Being well-dressed will not hurt your chances. This applies when you are wearing leather shoes, though, as more semi-formal trends are happening. If you choose to wear your Jordans over a suit, go with a black belt and probably a silver watch. This way, you are embodying the semi in the semi-formal getup.

Tuck In Your Polos

Tucking in polos and shirts hit differently with men, and it is not a dad get up. With the right pair of pants and shorts, every guy can make tucked polos and shirts extremely attractive. However, there is only one unsaid rule here.

Your tucked-in polos should not spill and balloon over your waist. If you opt to buy oversized shirts, you might as well use them as it is and pair them up with fitted jeans to balance the look. Remember, tucking your polos and shirts will give your body shape, so there is no actual point in tucking them in to have a buoy around your body.

A Signature Musk Is a Must

Has no one ever told you that a signature scent is a must, especially for men? Perfumes are an essential part of being an alpha male. They work the same way pheromones work: they attract suitable mates. Hence, if you are in the dating game and you do not have a signature scent, it is time you decide on one.

You can go with oil-based ones, as they are the ones that last longer. Your scent will still be there even when you’re under the sun fixing your driveway gates or even when you’re sweating working on your project car.

Also, did you know that the sense of smell has better access to a person’s memories? Yes, that is why there are times when people get nostalgic about scents. Furthermore, when you are already in your 30s, having a go-to perfume should be a no-brainer. It is akin to finally establishing your identity as a man.

Always Go for Natural Colors When Picking Clothes

casual clothes

Individualism and self-expression are the hallmarks of today’s fashion, but having black and white pieces in your wardrobe is necessary. You can never go wrong with the two. We have mentioned being semi-formal earlier, remember? Yes, black tees can already make anything semi-formal. Just pair it with any coat you have, and voila, you are ready to meet the parents of your girl.

Lastly, black and white clothes are easy to wash. This is not to say that men cannot do their laundry, but think about it. The idea does make the whole laundry process easier.

Men’s fashion is different from women’s, but it is just as rousing too. So the next time you find yourself not giving thoughts about what you are wearing, think again and be better than that.

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