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Anti-Accident Motorist Advice: Maintaining Safety on the Road

For a motorist, nothing can sound more beautiful than the revving of the engine and the smell of gasoline. For a racer, it would be pretty much the same except that they have a greater need for speed. However, road accidents account for 1.35 million deaths each year and that tells us a lot about how we should prioritize on the road. As the government posts warnings and TV commercials about those said accidents, some people still tend to ignore the importance of safety for both the motorist and the unsuspecting pedestrian.

Here’s what you can do and not do to avoid such accidents that can put a stop to your motoring adventure.

Heads Up, Phones Down

Today’s manner of communication has become so advanced that we can receive messages and emails from our phone so long as we have access to cellphone signals and the Internet. Given that, a lot of people can’t help but check their phone every time for anticipated messages from their loved ones or just a random scroll on social media while traffic is slowly moving. In the US alone, a whopping 70,000 deaths per year are caused by road accidents due to people using their phones.

Not only that, most of these people were looking at their phone while the vehicle is moving. Go on the safe path and avoid looking at your phone while going where you’re supposed to be and not to the hospital – or worse. If there are urgent messages that you’re expecting, what you can do is tell the people you’re communicating with that you will be driving in a matter of minutes so you won’t be able to reply during that time.

It’s Not a Race

It’s nice to have an engine that’s both fast and efficient, but not everyone on the road is your opponent. If anything, drivers, in general, should be helping others have a safe and sound journey to their destination or back home. Unless you’re on the racetrack, don’t try to outrun every vehicle you see so that you can satisfy your ego or need for speed. You’ll never know, in the time you’re trying to be the king of the road, you’re also on your way to getting your “free” 2-month stay at the local hospital, along with a few lawsuits and charges.

Check for Safety

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Before going on the road again, take the time to inspect your engine. Gas leaks could spell danger and potentially ignite your engine and you even before reaching 10mph. Check if your gauges tell the correct information. If you can’t do it yourself, take your Porsche to a certified maintenance and repair center in NYC such as Formula Motorsports.

Do yourself a favor and follow the above mentioned pointers. Keep in mind that you’re not the only person on the road. Have the initiative to take precaution and follow road signs and signals so both you and pedestrians that you encounter will be safe. Just like in life, keep your head up and look around as not to miss what’s both in front of you and around you.

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