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Are Men’s Healthcare Routine Different?

When it comes to a healthy routine or a strict diet, most articles are targeted towards women. Sometimes, it is written generally. But what about something that focused on the healthcare routine for men only?

Are those routines utterly different since it’s for men? That answer to that is no. It is still the same. Our human bodies need the exact nutrients like everyone else. It is such a pity that our society still has that mentality that men are not as vulnerable as women.

We must start thinking that every single one of us is the same. That we need the same routine, the same diet, and even the same skincare routine. Here are five things to prove to you that we all have the same routine.

1. Hair

Comparing the list of shampoo products that women use to what men use is easy. You can see a lot of bottles in the women’s part of the bathroom while there’s only one bottle for men. This may be true for some men since most of them naturally have a strong scalp. But other men have sensitive scalps and are prone to dandruff.

Because of this, they tend to use a lot of products as women do. And when it comes to grooming their hair, men also have a regular visit to their barber to have a clean-cut or a shave too. We all take care of our hair. The process and the products used to take care of it are the only things different.

2. Face

When it comes to cosmetic and skincare products, brands usually feature a lady as a model. But these days, cosmetic products are starting to use male models. This encourages men to use these products now. We are slowly trying to break the system that only women do facial skincare.

Let’s stop thinking that men can only wash their face with any soap and are able to maintain their clear skin. Because some men also experience acne and black pores problems like women do. We must normalize men doing skincare routines every night.

Routines like wearing a charcoal mask or a nose strip. Let’s normalize men using a facial cleanser or a BB cream and don’t need to feel weird about it. We all want to take care of our skin the same way. Men can wear make-up too if they want to. It is their body and their choice. ;

Taking care of our face also means that we can have a facial spa. Nowadays, men are also starting to feel confident in going into these shops too. Men also need to groom their eyebrows, to take care of their lashes, and remove their dark spots.

It’s the same with the way we take care of our teeth. Every one of us has a regular visit to the dentist to keep our cleans white and bright. Some also visit to get braces or get their wisdom teeth removed. A lot of things go on in taking care of our teeth.

Most people rely their confidence on their teeth because it’s the first thing that people notice when meeting a person.

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3. Skin

They say that what makes a man attractive is being tall, dark, and handsome. Isn’t that a bit off? Beauty does not need you to change your color just to be attractive. You don’t need to roast yourself under the sun to get that nice tan.

If you want soft skin with a nice glow, then do it. Don’t be afraid to be called that you’re taking care of your skin like a girl because there’s no such thing. We all want to take care of our skin that is why lotions and sunscreens exist. It is for everyone to us.

It is your choice whether you want to be tan or pale. We all take care of our skin the same way.

4. Diet

When I first heard about this word, I also thought that it’s mostly used by women. Yes, it is true that a lot of women want to get fit that is why they resort to getting into a diet. But men have diets too. Every one of us can go for a diet no matter the gender.

A lot of men actually have balanced diets to maintain their current physique. Most men who regularly go to the gym have balanced diets just like how women do. This way, they can also detoxify their body to eliminate toxins.

5. Exercise

Lastly is exercising. Still, it is the same for everyone. We all go to the gym. We all want to get fit and take care of our bodies. The only thing that is different is that most men focus on building muscles and most women focus on slimming their bodies.

But now, we live in a world where your gender does not define your lifestyle. Some women also focus on building muscles. And some men are also focused on slimming their bodies.

Everyone can do the same thing no matter your gender. Let us normalize that men can take care of their skin as women do. How men are hygienic too and how everyone is the same. We are all taking care of our bodies and that is what’s important.

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