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Argument Over: Do Not Cover Vents with Furniture

If you were to do a quick survey, you would realize that most homeowners do not have an idea that vent placement can affect the efficiency of a unit immensely. Whether the AC tune-up you had renewed your unit’s performance or you added ductwork for more efficient airflow, it is important to choose the location of the vents carefully. There is science behind this argument, as you will discover.

Role of Vents in an A/C System

Many homes recognize the presence and role of supply registers, but few appreciate the work done by return air vents. After the room has received cool air, and will later need to discard the now warmer air for reconditioning. That is where the return air vent comes in. this component receives the warm air and directs it back to the unit. In the process of being cooled, the air is also filtered of dust and debris. The return air vent can be installed either individually for each supply register, or as one centrally placed in a room. Whatever the case, one requirement stands free flow of air.  Consider placing it with the following points in mind.

User Lifestyle

Your lifestyle is probably the biggest determinant of where to place the return air vents. For instance, if for the bedroom, you want to place them in the direction of the bed so you can get ideal cooling. The same case applies to the living room, whereby you give the couch priority. There is a lot to consider under this point, including the presence of air blockages, areas that you spend the most time in, and so on.

Close to the Ceiling

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Do you ever wonder why most homes have air vents on the ceiling? While they have the potential to create operational problems, ceiling vents have a set of benefits. First, they are simple to install. Ceiling vents and the easily accessible attic space go hand in hand. Apart from this obvious availability, ceiling vents offer the best transfer of cooled air, because as the warm air rises, the cool one descends. This is, of course, different in areas where heating requirements are more important. When you look at the cost aspect, you will also realize that ceiling vents tend to be more affordable, initially.

Home Layout

Even as you bring in the lifestyle aspects, you need to keep in mind that the layout of the home can affect air circulation.  The effectiveness of an a/c system depends to a certain degree on the balance between general setting and location of registers/ vents. Do not bother too much; the a/c expert knows the intricacies of this factor.

These requirements may seem hectic, but implementing them becomes easier if you hire a licensed HVAC professional. Such a person is able to identify the best placement for the unit or vent based on your personal preferences, needs and so forth. Follow these suggestions for an efficient system. Whatever you decide, just make sure that the air conditioner return air vents remain open at all times, even in unoccupied rooms.  Your comfort, health, and energy bills depend on this aspect.

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