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Eye-Catching: Attracting Male Attention

Many marketing and advertising firms break down the customer base by demographics. They look at age, occupation, earning potential, geographic location, and most importantly at gender. When targeted individually or in any combination, these are the factors that make such a big difference in the way that people buy and interact with products and businesses.

Think of a sporting goods store. Now go to their firearms section. Neatly organized and labeled guns, magazines, and paraphernalia attractively displayed in a secure display case are more likely to make customers want to browse. It will appeal to a collector’s orderly mind, the best kind of customer a store that sells hobby items can have.

Appealing to Emotions and Wants

The importance of appealing to the emotions and preferences of customers has translated to social media and digital businesses as well. The videos that go viral are the ones designed to be funny to as many people as possible. They appeal to humor, an easy one as people like to laugh. The advertisements that draw the most attention and get shared by millions are the kind that tug at the heartstrings. They appeal to the protective instinct and the fear of loss.

Understanding these appeals, especially those that work best for men, can help you improve how you market your business or be a better salesman. Here are a few ways you can appeal to men and pretty much anyone in general:

Appeal to Their Youth

People want to feel young. They want to feel that they are still in their best days and extend these days by their choices. Leaning heavily on this appeal is vital for businesses that sell products designed especially for the elderly or older adult demographic.

The advertisements can use younger models to wear the items so that viewers do not associate old age with the item. You can also focus on how the item, such as an emergency alert bracelet, is about preserving independence. This matters a great deal to older adults who may feel pressure from family to stop living independently.

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Appeal to Status

People love to show that they are up-to-date and aware of cool things before the majority have caught on. A great way to do this is to use promotional items that you give away or people can win in a competition that draws a lot of social media views.

The desire to stand out and win in front of a large audience will draw many people and attention to your promotion. Events with funny themes that support a good cause are also a great way to lean on this appeal.

You can allow people to display how they can use your product imaginatively, and the winner gets a lifetime supply of your product and a donation to a charity of their choice. Not only will you draw great attention and a crowd, but you can also fulfill your corporate social responsibility (CSR) requirements this way. It will make a very positive impression on everyone who participates and attends the event.

Sense of Adventure

Most people are constrained by their working hours and obligations to remain within their home city or town for most of the year. Yet millions of these people yearn for adventure and excitement in their lives. They plan and look forward to their annual vacation months in advance.

These people are most likely to buy a product that guarantees that it will bring that sense of adventure and excitement o their lives. A great example of a product that successfully utilizes this is virtual reality.

You can capture this desire for adventure by showcasing how your product can bring their dream of excitement closer to home.

Provide Solutions

Men are practical creatures with a desire for order. Use your advertising efforts to showcase how your products can be a solution for their organizational needs.

Displaying the many ways your products and items can make life easier and reduce chaos can be highly effective. These advertisements are likely to appeal to fathers as they are usually surrounded by small children who have yet to learn the art of promptly putting things away.

Get Testimonials

If you do not have the financial ability to invest in several types of marketing campaigns, you can go for a very low cost and high reward type of appeal: testimonials.

Testimonials are great and effective because they show potential customers that people have used your products and enjoyed the experience. It takes away the false feeling from using paid models to act as if they want the product.

It also appeals to the social desire to participate and makes it seem logical to purchase your item since it’s very suitable for its purpose. Testimonials are also likely to make customers feel more appreciated.

As with all campaigns, marketing to men might seem difficult at first glance. But when you identify what they want and appeal to their youth, status, sense of adventure, and provide solutions, you’re a step closer to getting a loyal customer base.

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