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Bachelor Aesthetic: Upgrading Your Space to Match Your Lifestyle

Your home should be a reflection of who you are as a person. Sometimes, when people live in once space for a long time, they may get stuck in a rut. You need to take a step back and evaluate your bachelor pad with a dispassionate eye.

If your apartment does not reflect your aesthetic and is not set-up to support your daily lifestyle, it needs to change. Your home should be a launching pad for greater things for you personally and professionally.

Luckily, most things you can do are fairly easy and not too costly. Anything that requires renovation or remodeling can be planned out. With some research, you can easily find a contractor willing to work within your budget.

Is Your Kitchen Functional?

This is the clearest difference between a boy’s bachelor pad and a man’s apartment. A functional kitchen allows you to cook meals, clean up, and store food cleanly and with organization. The state of your kitchen is a reflection of the state of your maturity.

If you have neglected your kitchen till now, consider spending the most amount of money in this area. Upgrade the appliances, update the storage cabinets, and give it a color scheme that makes it a more inviting space for you.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and by making it a welcoming space for you to be in and cook in, you are establishing the tone for the rest of the apartment.

Keep Sentimental Pieces

Growing up does not mean forgetting your childhood. You do not have to get rid of the things that are meaningful to you or hold precious memories. Consider using those items as artwork for your walls.

Designate one wall of your living space for memorabilia and mount them and frame them as suitable. Make this a statement wall and paint it a bold color to showcase the items well. Only paint this one wall bold as having other bright walls or furniture will make the space look busy and cluttered. Design the rest of the space to have more muted colors in similar shades to focus on the wall.

This sort of intentional placement will allow you to not only keep your meaningful items but display them so that they can remind you of your happy memories. Anything from your old jersey to concert tickets can look like tasteful decor if framed well.

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Say Goodbye to Furniture That Is Broken or Mismatched

It can be tough to throw away the couch you have had since college, but it is time to be strong and let it go. You may not realize the effect that mismatched furniture is having on your living space. It creates a subconscious effect of immaturity that can influence you to behave at home like a carefree student rather than the focused and mature man you are today.

If the couch and armchairs are good quality and worth saving, contact an upholsterer and have them refurbish the furniture. Request that they refinish the items as well. You can choose a color for the new fittings that match your living space better. You can save a lot of money by refurbishing your durable furniture instead of buying an all-new set.

Declutter Every Room Twice

You can accumulate a lot of stuff that you do not need over time. Do a sweep of each room of your apartment and identify what you have to throw away and what you can donate. Once this is done, do a second sweep.

The first sweep is to lesson large clutter. By designating certain items to be donated to a good cause, you will find it easier to let go of them. The second sweep is a more comprehensive analysis of what you need versus what you want to keep.

Due to attachment, you may want to keep something that serves no purpose. If you do not use it regularly and it cannot be framed for your display wall, let it go. Decluttering can ease stress and make your space feel bigger and cleaner.

Keep your choices simple, and your apartment will turn out stylish. You do not need to have an eye for design to redecorate your apartment to be more livable. Trust your instincts and focus on minimalist and practical considerations, and you will be just fine.

Remember that this is your space, and you know best about what appeals to yourself. Focus on making your space reflect your values and your aesthetic. Let it be a place where your mind is at ease so that you can plan and prepare for the future you want to build.

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