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The Best Holiday Gift for Men Who Are into Sports

In an alternate universe, you can afford to give your husband, brothers, and father a signed sports jersey from their favorite athletes. But alas, the world isn’t that perfect. You have to work double now that the holiday season is almost upon us. To afford the gifts you have in mind for them, you’ll have to stop eating out dinner every Friday with your friends. Still, you wouldn’t be able to afford a limited-edition jersey or a signed NBA card for them. You need to be creative if you want to wow these men in your life who are addicted to sports.

Curated Box

If you can’t figure out what to give to your loved ones, why not check out a curated gift box service. Many companies will create a gift box for your loved ones. The only thing that you need to provide is details on what your loved ones like and dislike. The company will then create a box with all the items that they would love.

So, for example, if you say your husband likes anything that has to do with sports, his gift box can contain bar snacks, a limited-edition sports magazine, a jersey, and a basketball. These are all the things that he would need for a sporting weekend.


How about a gift that keeps on giving? Signing up your loved ones to a sports subscription box is a great gift idea. They can receive different items every month depending on the theme that you choose. If it’s basketball-themed, then your loved ones will accept things that have to do with basketball. Depending on the price of the subscription, some boxes may even include rookie NBA cards. Isn’t that a great gift? Your husband or father will receive one package each month for a year or six months if you like.

Game Tickets

If you have money to spare, there’s nothing like game tickets to wow your loved ones. Even someone who’s been to numerous sports games in the past will still love the idea of receiving a ticket to a sports game that he loves.

So, imagine how much your father, brothers, and husband—who have been spending all weekends together to watch football—will get excited about the prospect of attending a game? Since it’s the holiday, you may want to cop for a Christmas Day ticket. That’s when usually good teams try to beat each other out.

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Play Area

Sure, you cannot afford to renovate the game area in each of their houses, but how about in your own house? Perhaps, there’s a basketball hoop in the driveway? You can put up a new one or renovate a section of your backyard to accommodate half a basketball court. If they can play three-on-three there, that would excite them to spend more of their weekends together. Isn’t that what you and perhaps, even your mother, would like? A weekend free of the boys while they’re busy enjoying a game outside.

Another great project is to convert a part of your basement into a game area. Forget about a billiards table if that’s too expensive. You can set up a large television and a Playstation or Xbox. Boys will be boys, after all. There’s nothing like having their own area to play video games with each other.

Video Games

Men will always love their video games. There is no question to it. They have a huge fondness for them, so why not gift them with something they have wanted to buy for a long time? Maybe there’s a new release in their favorite gaming shop? Or, if you have a bit more budget, why not upgrade their old gaming console into the latest model?

How do you know what your husband likes, for example? He probably mentioned it to you before. Or, you’ve probably seen him watch some video game reviews on YouTube. You will get an idea of what kinds of games he likes by checking out what he already has in his collection. A bit of research will point you in the right direction. Plus, the staff over at the gaming place can help you with the titles.

Shop early for your holiday gifts, especially if there are men on your list. Women are easier to give gifts to because they use so much stuff in their lives—cosmetics, beauty items, accessories, and many more. It’s harder to think of a gift for your husband because, admit it, men’s items tend to be more expensive and exclusive.

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