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Car Care 101: the Right Tint Percentage

If you are like most people, your car is probably the second largest investment you own after your home. Therefore, you must keep it in good working condition so you can use it for long. With time, your car will experience normal wear and tear on the inside and outside.

The biggest culprit for wear and tear in a car is the sun’s harmful UV rays. You can protect your car from damage from the UV rays by installing window tint. Window tinting is an affordable way to protect your car’s inside. The crucial factor in ensuring when getting window tinting in Utah is the percentage of the window tint. Here is how to know the right percentage of window tint to install in your car:

Determine Your Goal

There are multiple types of window tint films in the market. When deciding the type of window tint to get, determine what you need the window film to accomplish. Translucent window tint films block the sun’s UV rays from getting in the car. However, light can get in the car, and the inside of your car will be bright. Similarly, privacy window tint films block UV rays from getting in the car but also block light. As a result, people cannot see the inside of your car from outside.

What are the Window Tinting Laws in Your Area?

Do you know state laws dictate how dark your window tint should be? For instance, in Florida, the films should allow about 30 percent of light into the car. Installing a window tint that is less than the stipulated percentage may land you in trouble with the state authorities. Few car owners are aware of these regulations as they vary from one state to another.

The surest way to ensure you adhere to the state rules is to engage a professional team when installing the window films. What about traveling across different states? In that case, you should choose the film that is legal in the states that you drive through.

The Overall Look

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Installing a window tint will affect the look of your car. Installing the window tint will even change the feel of the interior of the car. Therefore, be sure to choose a film that will make your interior comfortable and not alter the car’s exterior. If you do not know what to go for, consult with the installation experts on the effect of installing the film on the car’s look.

Go for Quality Films

The percentage of tint doesn’t matter; getting low-quality film will affect the outcome. That means you need to get your window films from a verified window tinting shop. Getting your film from retailers could lead to getting low-quality products. Low-quality window films have a short lifespan and require frequent replacement. Quality window films will serve you for longer and increase the value of your car.

Sample the Different Films

When you visit a verified window tinting shop, you can see the different types of films you can get. Look through the different types to be sure of what you will be getting. The best percentage for your car is one that meets your needs and is within your budget. Most likely, you will see how the film will look on your car from the outside to see that you make the right decision.

Trust the Professionals

Auto owners might be tempted to install the window tint on their own to save on the installation costs. However, you might end up making mistakes during installation and thus necessitate another installation. When the window film is not installed properly, heat buildup in the car will cause bubbles in the film, which will further cause the film to peel. The film might fade or change color with time.

Hiring a professional for the installation process will cost you but, in turn, will save you from making costly mistakes. In addition to quality workmanship, a professional will give you a warranty for the window film.

In conclusion, the right window tint percentage depends on personal preference. A small tint percentage will not block much light from outside, while a dark tint will offer you privacy while keeping the interior dark. Regardless of how dark you want your car window tint to be, you should always consult a window tinting expert for quality installation services.

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