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Different Ways to Organize Accessories in Your Closet

A clean and organized closet can’t turn you into a well-dressed man. It can, however, make it easier to step out looking dapper and smart. When your clothes are organized, clothes are easy to find, reducing the time you have to spend picking what to wear for the day. Experts even agree that an organized closet can improve your life.

While it’s straightforward to store and organize clothes, accessories are a different story. They can be tricky to organize. You have to use specialized storage solutions and practice a little ingenuity. This guide will help you learn how to organize the accessories in your closet.

Watches and Glasses

Watches, glasses, and sunglasses don’t come cheap. In a way, they are your personal investments and this means you have to protect them. When organizing them in your closet, they should be put in specialized containers or organizing solutions that can preserve their quality.

Avoid putting together your watches and glasses. Put them in separate organizers. A good way to start is a countertop organizer for each — one for watches and one for your glasses.

When choosing an organizer, look for something that has a felted interior and separate compartments. You can put each watch in each compartment to keep them safe against scratches. This can also prevent them from getting misshapen.

You can also use accessory drawers or jewelry drawers. Stores specializing in storage solutions often have jewelry and accessory drawers for watches and glasses.

For watches and glasses that you often use, put them in a tray on your closet countertop or drawer.

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Ties and Belts

Ties and belts have something in common. They are both long and take up too much space. They must be organized strategically.

You have two options when organizing belts and ties. It depends on how you want their orientation in your closet. Do you want them hanging? Or do you want them rolled?

If you want your ties and belts hanging, which is the best way to store them, you can choose from a variety of options. For your belts, you can install a hanging organizer with hooks at the back of your closet door, or hang it over a closet rod. You can also use cheap utility hooks if you want to save money.

For your ties, you can simply use a basic tie rack.

If you want your belts and ties rolled, you can organize them in a drawer or horizontal bin with compartments. Simply roll your belts and ties and place them in each compartment. Of course, you should have separate organizers for your belts and ties.

All Kinds of Hats

Whether you have hats, caps, or beanies, you still have to organize them. They may seem trivial, but they can be useful when a situation requires them.

If you have pricey, custom-made hats, you should definitely put them in hat boxes. Hat boxes are round and can be stacked. You can re-purpose them as storage for your other stuff when your hats no longer need them.

Custom-made hats are rare now and that is reason enough to take good care of them if you have one. In fact, according to the Herald Review, there are only 32 custom-made hatters left in the US today. If you have a custom-fitted hat, it’s like owning a piece of history.

For your casual caps, beanies, and other headgear, a hat organizer, usually with hooks, can be mounted at the back of your closet or bedroom door.

Gloves, Mittens, and Scarves

Scarves, gloves, and mittens are seasonal accessories. You can simply store them in organizers with compartments. Put labels on them. It’s difficult to tell which is which when they are folded and rolled. Use labeling made from high-quality vinyl materials.

When you’re done organizing them, put them under the bed or above the closet. When the season to use them arrives, you can take them out and add them to your closet.

For your scarves, you can get a scarf organizer. But if you want to be practical, you can use a coat hanger.

For your gloves and mittens, roll them and add them in together with your socks. For frequently used ones, you can put them in the pocket of a jacket that you often use, too.

Small Accessories and Miscellaneous Stuff

Small accessories like cuff links, collar stays, rings, and bracelets, can be housed in a jewelry drawer. It’s also smart to put an organizer tray on your closet countertop for these little trinkets. Use a separate tray apart from the one used for your watches and glasses. Bit if you’re gonna use a big tray, you can put them together. Just put a divider in the middle to keep everything safe from scratches.

Don’t leave your stuff lying around. Next time you’ll need them, it’ll be hard for you to locate where they are. Prevent this from happening. Follow the tips above to organize your accessories.

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