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Dispelling Earthquake Myths

Every day we experience earthquakes, regardless of what part of the world we are in. Some of them are too weak to be noticed, which is why we are not aware that they even took place at all. There are other quakes, however, that tests the structural soundness of buildings. It is these types of earthquakes that we need to be ready for. Unfortunately, much has been said on what is the right thing to do during an earthquake that people have grown more and more confused. Below is a list of myths you should not believe:

Myth #1: The Doorway is the Safest Place

No matter how strong you think your door jamb set is, it is still not the best place to be during an earthquake. Apart from providing little cover should a wall collapse, it also exposes you to things that might fall or fly during the earthquake. Should the windows shatter, you can also get hit by the shards since you do not have anything to protect you. The best thing to do is to go underneath a sturdy table, cover, duck, and hold until the earthquake has stopped. In the same line, if you are indoors, stay indoors until the tremors have stopped. Although your instincts might tell you to run, it is still best to stay where you are. Running in an open space might only cause you to trip.

Myth #2: The Triangle of Life Will Save You

For quite some time now, viral e-mails and posts in social media platforms show the value of the triangle of life. This is the space that is said to be formed when walls collapse on each other. According to the American Red Cross, such an idea is misguided and can lead to more injury. Again, it is the cover, duck, and hold that can provide a higher probability of being able to survive. One of the reasons why the triangle may not help is the fact that buildings and walls can fall in many ways. At the same time, not all homes or structures have one definite wall or beam that will not crumble or fall down.

Myth #3: Animals Know When An Earthquake is Coming

deer in the middle of nowhereYou might notice that your dog acts differently prior to an earthquake, although studies have yet to confirm that they can sense an earthquake. What they sense could probably be just tremors that are too weak for us to feel. Keep in mind that dogs and other animals tend to have better senses than humans.

Myth #4: Earthquake Can Be Predicted

While our current technologies have come a long way, we still do not have the right equipment or tools that predict when an earthquake will exactly occur. However, we do have tools that we can use to detect earthquakes as they happen no matter how weak the tremors are. This helps us have a better understanding of what causes an earthquake and, hopefully, in a few years’ time, be able to predict what factors can cause an earthquake to happen. After all, Mother Nature will always ever be powerful.

Earthquakes are a serious matter. This is why it is best to make sure that your home can withstand a few (or hopefully, all) of them. Be ready and know the facts.

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