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Be a Handyman: Why Knowing How to Fix Things Around the House Matters

Some women tend to generalize men. For women who have been hurt in the past, they see hot guys as conceited or jerks who only look after their looks. While having a physically attractive date is still a plus, it does not impress them that much anymore.

As women grow older, they settle for men who are seen as reliable. Women want more. They look for men who can fix things. For women, dating a “handy” man can be a jackpot. While house cleaning could be something you’re not that good at, learning to do things around the house is a plus for the lady boss. Who knows, you could be one! Here’s what women are looking for in their ideal “handy” men.

They have the skills.

Handymen are not just good-looking. They are skilled. They can cook and work in the kitchen. They can also help maintain and repair whatever needs to be done at home. This man can paint, remodel, and even build furniture from scratch. The more skills he has, the more attractive he is.

Handymen are smart men.

They know the difference between a circuit breaker and a fuse. They also know the difference between different tools. It only takes them one look at a busted faucet for them to prove that they know what to do. Definitely, they know how to decide on things happening inside the home.

This guy is resourceful.

There is nothing more attractive to a woman than a resourceful guy. While some men equate stability with their earthly possessions, women look for men who can make something out of nothing. They appreciate a man who can help when something goes wrong in the house. They also like it when their man does the hard work than a handyman that they hire for a day.

A resourceful man can easily get out of a complicated situation. A woman would not want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a guy who does not know how to change a tire.

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They do not mind breaking a sweat.

Women are expecting more from their men than just paying for their share in the household. Some men are not as manly, and they would hate to do things that make them sweat. Men these days value their appearance more than anything, which is a big turnoff for women. Women like handymen who can do chores and other physical labor and are a “man’s man.” These men can also be great at doing sports and other strenuous physical activities.

If you think you need to learn some work to be a handyman, here are some tasks that you can find useful to hone your home maintenance skills:

  • Stop a toilet from running. This usually happens when the tank refills with water. While it can be seen as intimidating, it only requires an easy fix. Just remove the tank’s lid, then look for the overflow tube that looks like a balloon or ball. This ball is attached to the arms at the base of the tank. If you see that the connection is broken, reattach this so the toilet can flush again. If the chain that connects the ball and the arms is too long, you can adjust it by reconnecting it to a different hole.
  • Unclog a sink’s drain. You can unclog a drain without calling a plumber. Try to clear the drain blockage with hot water, vinegar, and baking soda to get rid of grease and soap scum. If this does not work, use a plunger. Fill half of the sink with water and plunge for suction. You can also try to use soda-based drain-clearing products for stubborn blockages.
  • Repair a loose tile. A wobbly tile can make a domino effect on your tiled floors. While this is a minor problem, leaving it be could lead to more tiles getting broken. To repair the tile, run a preheated iron over the broken tile and its surroundings for the adhesives to loosen. Lift the tile out when it’s already loose. Clean the area and scrape the leftover adhesives with a knife. Apply new tile adhesives and replace the tile. Weigh it down with a heavy object until the adhesive sets.
  • Fix a hole. Unsightly holes can be caused by relocating wall art and decor. Clean the loose bits of the hole that you need to fix. Spread sparkle over the hole using a putty knife and press it hard to create a smooth layer until the spackle shrinks. Let this dry for a few minutes and reapply when needed. When the spackle is all dry, paint a thin layer over the area for a smooth finish.

Being a handyman is not just for the girls; it’s also for your own good. Being a handyman is never a bad thing. Besides, knowing how to fix a few (or more) things around the house is something to be proud of.

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