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Are You Ready to Be a Dog Dad?

Having a companion that is always happy and ecstatic to see you home is the dream. After a long tiring day at work, you want to go home to a companion that will jump and welcome you home. Well, that will be the case if you have dogs. They will always be happy to see you home.

If you have never had a pet dog before, you must have good reasons. Now that you are reading this article, you might be curious at the very least. Tiktok videos of huskies and Australian shepherds must have gotten you all wishing for a dog. But first, you should know that being a dad to a dog is not that simple. It is a commitment that can and will change your life.

You may ask how, and it does not necessarily mean changes in your daily routine. What we mean are huge changes that might happen because of your pet dog. For example, having a pet might go against the condominium or community rules. In this case, you need to check out house and lot packages to purchase a property large enough for your precious dog to frolic around. This kind of leap is one amongst many, so the question is: are you ready?

To help you out, here are three crucial things you can expect when you have a new pet dog:

You Need to Invest in Its Food and Nutrition

Having a pet dog is almost akin to having a child of your own, minus the part where you have to send it off to college. It is one of the many reasons many men also choose to have pets. It is like having a kid without the actual heavy parenting. However, that does not guarantee a life of ease.

You still need to make sure your dog is properly growing. It would be best to supply it with a variety of nutritious food. There is food for muscle growth and food rich in fiber and calcium. Also, there is dry food with other supplements dogs need to be active and happy. Furthermore, dogs also have prescribed medicines from the vet.

You must know that there are viruses that can infect your dog as well. Should they be exposed to harmful nature without a strong immune system, they too can fall ill and die.

You Cannot Just Leave Your Home

When you have pets with you, there is no way to leave home just like that. Furthermore, you cannot stay away for so long. Now, what does this mean? You would not have the chance to enjoy your usual solo and peaceful road trip across the country. You would not have your official plus one in every adventure trip that you would go to.

You now would be taking your pet dog with you, or you would need to hire a sitter to keep an eye on him. You also have the option of leaving your dog to a friend or family. Regardless, you wouldn’t have the luxury of spontaneously going out with a pet dog. The furball does not have the grace and independence a cat has.

What you can do is to train your dog at home. There are automated feeders that go off during a set schedule. You can also install monitoring cameras that will tell you if there is something wrong at home. A monitoring system with real-time access through your smartphone would tell you if your dog has chewed on your PS5 or your shoes. Not that anyone would want that, but that can be common, especially with younger dogs.

You Have to Dog-proof Your Home

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We have mentioned living spaces that might rule out having pets. Well, it is because having pets can indeed create chaos at home, just as toddlers and raging kids would. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to get to live with your pet dog, it is up to you to dog-proof your home for upkeep and maintenance too.

You can start with making sure all your appliances are out of their reach and that your furniture pieces are safe. If your dog likes to bite and scratch, chew toys will help. Do not forget to bathe your dog from time to time to avoid staining your floor and walls, as there are times they like frolicking on the muddy ground.

Being a dog owner is not easy, but it can be one of the most rewarding feelings ever. A dog will always be loyal and happy to welcome you home. The feeling when they wag their tails and dance around you will surely make it up for all of these adjustments you have to make.

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