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Men’s Health: Effective Techniques to Relieve Stress

It’s not a secret that women tend to express their feelings and thoughts more and reach out to others for advice. Men, on the other hand, are more likely to suppress their emotions and try to ignore or forget them. Studies show that there are fewer men who say they’re affected by stress compared to women.

However, it’s found that there are more men who have a hard time maintaining healthy habits and seeking help or treatment. Some cannot even recognize warning signs of stress like lack of concentration, excessive drinking, muscle spasms, and back pain, withdrawal from social connections, anxiety, and fatigue. You’ll find below some effective ways to relieve stress.

1. Seek sensory inspiration

One of the popular techniques for relieving stress is seeking sensory inspiration. A simple way to do this is by observing how other people deal with their own stress. For instance, performers usually chat up with their audience before going on stage. Or for many, taking a break from what they’re doing is helpful for their focus and productivity. Experts also recommend watching family members. What do your parents do after a long day at work? Did your older sibling feel more relaxed after watching a movie or taking a walk?

When stress strikes, imagination is also a powerful sensory technique. Recalling strong sensations or imagining vivid memories or calming situations can have an energizing and calming effect on your brain. To help your senses respond at their best, take a short hiatus from technology such as your phone or computer. This is also helpful for exploring different sensory experiences.

2. Make time for leisure

Leisure time can help you have a better mood and lower your stress levels as it can steer you away from your daily stressors and unhealthy habits. The thing is, busy individuals often think of this as wasted time. This isn’t about being lazy, but more about taking downtime, which you need to recharge your energy bars and restore balance in your life.

Among the best stress-reducing leisure activities are playing games, watching a movie, making art, reading, and writing, listening to music, dancing, and knitting. Or, you can choose to do nothing at all. This will allow you to relax mentally and physically.

3. Talk to your pals

Around 80% of women say they talk to their friends when they are stressed or unwell. If you think about it, many people might assume that there are fewer men who speak to their pals when they are feeling down. But in fact, there are about 70% out there who do it. If you are currently facing mental health issues like stress and anxiety, talking to your closest pals can help relieve some of those headaches.

Sharing can also open up opportunities for advice or treatment that you may need to resolve your triggers or daily problems. Keeping stress to yourself can lead to much worse health issues. When not managed, it can result in depression, cardiovascular disease, and personality disorders. That means chronic stress can impact both your mental and physical wellness.

4. Hit the road
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Going on a road trip is another fast-acting stress reliever that many find effective. It doesn’t only lower your stress levels but can also influence your creativity and provide you with a broader perspective. You can go alone or with good friends. Driving in the countryside or rural farmland and waterfront landscapes can surely help you forget your daily stressors. Just make sure though that your car is in good condition for the trip. The last thing you want to happen is to get stuck in the middle of the road, which is surely stressful too.

Visit an efficient local auto shop that has experienced mechanics and safety and time-saving equipment like car lifts. Alignment vehicle lifts, for instance, are essential for inspecting your car’s suspension components and aligning the tires and axles. Mechanics who work with such time-saving equipment can ensure a quick and accurate service. Don’t ruin the adventure and fun with a faulty car and have it checked before hitting the road.

Bear in mind that these are just general recommendations to relieve stress. You are free to try all other strategies that you think works for you. Or better yet, you can seek professional help to know the best treatment that suits you. Avoid repressing your emotions and negative thoughts, and start finding a solution and seeking support. Doing so will not only prevent headaches but also boost your overall health and well-being.

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