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5 Things Every Man Should Do Before Settling Down

Life is short. And time passes by too quickly when you are too busy making plans for your future. And while most men are naturally outgoing and adventure-seekers, some of them tend to let the norm dictate their lives- study, work, find a girl, and settle down.

But is that what you want in your life? Some men are lucky enough to find the love of their lives earlier than others, and it’s good that many of them have successful marriage lives. However, many men enter married life without thoroughly enjoying their bachelor’s lives. As a result, it’s easy for their marriages to be ruined.

That’s why you need to have a list of things you want to accomplish and do before you marry someone. You probably have a lot of things in mind right now, and that’s a good start. But men, in general, need to experience the following to have a fulfilling single life.

Meet a Lot of Women

There is something unexplainable about meeting tons of women in your life. Meeting women is a critical part of a man’s life as it improves his ability to connect with different kinds of women. You should keep in mind that every woman is different, and if you are uncertain about the type of woman you want to spend the rest of your life with, it’s wiser to know them one by one.

We’re not talking about playing with many women’s hearts. It’s just a phase where you will focus more on learning about the characteristics of a woman you want to marry. By meeting many women, including your friends, you’ll have a chance to know about women.

Design Your Apartment or Pad

You won’t be single forever, so make sure that your space offers comfort, freedom, and coziness all at once. A bachelor’s pad is essential to living your life to the fullest as a single man. You must find it relaxing and calming after a stressful day at work or spending the night with the guys.

Get a hunky sofa, incorporate your interests into your decors, display your high school basketball shirt, or hang a custom metal cutout with your name. Be creative. Remember that your pad should show your personality so your friends can feel more at home whenever they visit you.

Travel As much as You Can

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Before you settle down, you need to do the opposite: wander around carelessly. Whether it’s the city next to your small town or a destination across the globe, traveling is a great way to learn about the cultures and lives of other people.

Furthermore, traveling can humble you. It will teach you many things you will never learn at school. If you are somewhere in your 20’s, you probably feel invincible, as if nothing can stop you. However, learning about other cultures and seeing life outside your comfort zone is a different experience you will never forget.

Experience A Broken Heart

We all need to feel broken at some point in our lives to learn and bounce back. Don’t be too naive, thinking that you’re too masculine to be heartbroken by a girl. Let it be. Feel how hard it is to move on from a breakup and take it as a valuable life experience.

Going through a heartbreak is never easy. It would make you feel miserable for quite some time, and that is okay. Heartbreak makes us stronger. And as a man, it’s one thing you can use to toughen up a bit more. Plus, it teaches you to protect your emotions better.

Act Stupid

You’ll have to say goodbye to your ‘YOLO’ life once you settle with someone. After being married, you will no longer be allowed to act stupid, silly, or immature, so do it now while you are still free. Once you become a married man, your priorities will change. And eventually, you will lose your happy-go-lucky spirit because you need to be a responsible husband and father.

And if you think about it, isn’t riding a Mario cart in your neighborhood sounds more fun if you do it while you’re still young? Go do silly things and act stupid. Sometimes, these little things are all we need to relieve stress and sleep with a smile on our faces. It’s a man thing.

Include these tips in your bucket list so you can fully enjoy your bachelor’s life. Remember, once you marry someone, there is no going back. You can also never turn back time. So do everything you want to do while you’re still single, so when you meet the right woman, you can clearly say: “I am ready.”

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