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Five Great Outdoor Activities for Men (and Women) This Winter 2020

It is almost September and, soon, winter will arrive. Maybe it’s time to check up on the house and do some upkeep before the climate changes. House projects like a thorough and professional furnace repair are best done before the first snow falls in December, no debate about that.

While some states in the US are still in quarantine, people from other areas are now getting ready for some outdoor time especially those who live in the backcountry. Assuming there are no government restrictions, the -Ber months would still be good time for sports and travel as a way to decompress after all the effects of COVID-19 on the daily life of people not just in America, but literally across the planet.

But first, do you remember the 1993 movie entitled, “Cool Runnings”? It’s a sports comedy movie about an unlikely group of Jamaican sprinters who were later recruited to join an Olympic bobsleigh team. The mere concept of it is already hilarious since Jamaica is a tropical country that is hot almost 365 days a year, and the characters in the movie had to compete in the Winter Olympics! In between the humor of this entertaining movie, themes of racial equality, teamwork, and determination were also artistically presented making it a funny yet meaningful film. The movie is actually based on the story of a real-life Jamaican bobsleigh team that made their debut in the 1988 Winter Games in Alberta, Canada.

Like the Jamaicans in Cool Runnings, sleighing in the snow is definitely on everyone’s list. But there are other interesting and absolutely fun things to do come wintertime. Read on and see what exciting activities you can try this Winter 2020.

Tubing on Ice

Tubing is for those who want the thrill of skiing without the skis. It is as fast and just as exhilarating as going down the slope like Bode Miller, if not more. All it needs is a rubber doughnut and a snowy slope to slide down from. ; Best of all, it does not require athletic skill or Olympian credentials. If you can sit or sprawl on the rubber doughnut, you are good to go. There are also states that have an ice skating theme park with an area specifically designed for tubing.

Hot Spring Dip

Maybe after getting a few bumps after all that fun in tubing, you might want to hunker down and relax by dipping into a hot spring. Since time immemorial, man has sought the therapeutic effects of hot springs. These natural bodies of water offer warm comfort in the dead of winter, not just for humans but even for many animal species like the hot spring monkeys of Hokkaido, Japan. The warm water definitely calms and soothes aching muscles even as the skin absorbs all the natural minerals from the spring, a process that stimulates many internal body processes. A typical hot spring contains many minerals that serve as a health supplement once absorbed by the body. These essential minerals include calcium, magnesium, and lithium, to name a few. In many cultures around the world, dipping in hot springs is a remedy for various illnesses such as arthritis, muscle fatigue, inflammation of the joints, and a host of other ailments.

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Ice Fishing

How about catching your own fish from a frozen lake and cooking it in front of your tent? Nothing as manly as catching, cooking, and eating your own food, right? It hearkens back to the tribal hunter-gatherer era of humankind. Using lined fishhooks and spears, men from ancient history have learned to gather food even in hostile conditions such as cold winters. By poking a hole into the frozen lake, one can patiently wait for fish to bite. When a fish bites, one needs to pull hard and bring the catch to the net. Then the fish cleaning process starts until it ends with cooking and eating all kinds of fish. Modern methods of ice fishing may involve the use of an ice auger, a foldable seat, and a tent to make it more comfortable as one waits for the sturgeon to bite the bait.

Fat Tire Snow Biking

A variation of mountain biking, fat tire snow biking is now also gaining more popularity among lovers of the two-wheeled machine. It is actually just like the typical mountain bike experience, but this time, in freezing weather and snow-covered trails to conquer. ;

Old-fashioned Backcountry Camping

For a more old-fashioned outdoor activity that never goes out of style, try backcountry camping with an old tent, some firewood gathered near the campsite, and a bonfire to keep you warm on a freezing winter night. To make it more memorable, belt out a few campfire songs as you toast marshmallows and hotdogs on the open fire.

These are but a few of the outdoor activities that men, as well as women and children, can do this coming winter season. Nothing refreshes body and soul better than a day out in the sun or on the snow. These suggested activities involve a little travel, some sporty sessions, and a whole lot of fun for everyone.

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