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Looking Like a Gentleman in the 21st Century

The 21st century introduced the era of hyper-casual wear. Going out wearing a plain shirt and jeans is normal and perfectly acceptable, hats are all but trendy, and it’s all about “casual and cool”. While that’s perfectly acceptable, there’s still some merit to dressing your best. Here are some of them:

You’ll Feel Confident

You feel confident when you look good. And if you lack the confidence to go out, you can change this by starting with your outward appearance. Dressing in a gentlemanly way boosts your confidence in a way that wearing regular clothes won’t.

You’ll Look Dignified

Looking dapper in the 21st century isn’t all too common. Casual clothing is far more comfortable and convenient, after all. But wearing good clothing gives off a dignified look that you can’t exactly gain when wearing a plain shirt. This is particularly useful if your profession is one that requires you to appear in public at all times.

Shows You Take Care of Yourself

What better way to make a good impression than dressing right and showing you take good care of yourself! Whenever we see well-kempt hair, clean clothing, and good shoes, we often associate that with tidiness and self-care. So boost your first impression by dressing nicely.

Regardless of what year it is, you have every reason and right to dress well. Your reasons might be for self-confidence or simple preference, no matter, the key is to go out there and look good.

Start Dressing Intelligently

A large part of looking “dapper” lies in clothing, of course. Here’s a quick and simple list to go by. Remember that it always varies by experience, so a little bit of experimentation and trial and error is required.

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Make sure your shirts are always well-ironed. Be it dress shirts or regular t-shirts, having a well-ironed shirt makes your look more dapper by a hundred percent. A crumpled up shirt simply gives off the idea that you just took the first thing you saw and wore it, but a well-ironed shirt gives off a “handsome and


You won’t have to wear a necktie every day, but when you do, it’s best to wear the one that fits you. A general rule to follow is to get a tie that’s darker than the color of your shirt. It shouldn’t actually stand out but accentuate your entire outfit. Of course, you can go for the colorful and attention-grabbing ones, however, it should fit the overall theme of your getup.


Be it jeans or dress pants, the number one rule you should never skip is to always get appropriately sized ones. Not too tight, not too baggy either. It should have the appropriate circumference around the waist and seat area, and it shouldn’t be hugging your thighs or ankles too tightly either. The pleats shouldn’t puff up, because that means it’s’ the wrong size.


Here’s one that’s often overlooked: shoes. While many believe that the more expensive the shoe is, the better, it’s still important to understand how it fits into the whole picture. Combining certain types of shoes with pants or jackets can really define the theme, so it’s best to put in some elbow grease and learn more about the combinations.

Don’t Forget the Hair- All of It

Of course, your hair plays a large part in your overall gentlemanly look. You can’t go out with your hair in your face, or a beard that’s due for a trimming. While having hairy legs and arms are socially acceptable for men, if you’re not comfortable with them, consider getting them waxed in a waxing salon for men and women. Your hair, mustache, and beard- or any other visible hair should always be kept clean and well-shaven.

Nothing can quite turn off the dapper presence than dirty hair. Bring a comb to keep it neat and tidy, and if you have long hair, the go-to men’s ponytail can save you in a clinch.

Accessories Can Make or Break Your Look

A good watch, an unassuming ring, or even an elegant earring- these accessories can accentuate your style in a significant, yet subtle way. They add an extra that will really make your overall style unique. However, the most crucial factor here is that you need good accessories. Not the tasteless, boisterous, or loud kind.

You need something that’s simple but elegant, one befitting a gentleman. It also matters when you’re wearing them. Wearing a gold watch when you’re hanging casually with friends isn’t particularly appealing, but wearing a minimalist watch that’s subtle and sophisticated works.

Taking care of how we look is an integral part of looking and feeling our best. We want to look like gentlemen, so we should definitely dress like one. But as always, it’s all about personal comfort so scale as you see fit.

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