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Get a Sophisticated, Masculine Look in Simple Steps

It’s not just about aiming to be handsome. Do a reality check. Not everybody is gifted with good looks. With the right care and habits, though, anybody can achieve a sophisticated masculine appearance.

It’s Just a State of Mind

True. If you don’t believe you’re good-looking enough, nobody can help you. It has to start with you. You have to first believe in yourself. According to the Journal of Psychology, there is scientific proof that attractiveness is linked to happiness. So, if you’re not happy with the way you look, you will never be satisfied no matter how much you change it.

How do you achieve that?

Be confident. Only then can everything work.

Take Care of Your Skin

Start with the largest organ in your body—the skin. Having healthy skin contributes greatly to your attractiveness. Take care of it. But how?

The secret is adopting a regular skincare routine. It involves using the right products on your skin regularly. Unfortunately, skincare has been mainly associated with women’s health. That is gender-biased. Men can also benefit from regular skincare.

Start with the basics. Make sure to wash your face with the right facial wash. Do it once in the morning when you wake up and again in the evening before going to bed. Apply moisturizer at least once a day. After your first week, you’ll notice the difference.

Sport the Right Hairdo

Men are just too lazy to try on a new haircut. Why not try something new? Something that will accentuate your facial features. Don’t just go with a haircut that you’re comfortable with. Remember, you have to be confident.

And while you now have a new and better haircut, it’s also important to take care of your hair. Like with your skin, you have to use the right products. With prolonged use, the wrong hair care product can ruin your hair and even cause you to go bald prematurely.


Get Your Teeth Cleaned and Fixed

A 2013 study revealed that attractiveness is greatly influenced by the happiness of a person. In other words, people find it more attractive if you’ll smile often. But what if you don’t have good teeth?

The only solution to having good teeth is to take care of them. Brush and floss regularly. Use a mouthwash if necessary. Most importantly, visit your dentist for a thorough checkup.

If you don’t have straight teeth, though, you’ll need to consult an orthodontist. The same goes if you have large spaces between your teeth or a bad bite. Visiting digital orthodontic clinics can help you correct irregularities in the alignment of your teeth.

Wear the Right Fit

Men are not a fan of fashion. But this should not be an excuse for you to ditch stylish clothing. Wearing the right fit can positively affect your overall look. If you don’t know how, start with the classics.

The classic look involves clothes that look good on all men. These are essentials that will make you look sophisticated. It includes a white shirt, jeans or Capri pants, a jacket, and white shoes or sneakers. Stick to neutral colors first.

The trick here is to buy clothes that actually fit you. Stay away from baggy, loud-colored clothing first. You can develop your own style as soon as you’ve mastered wearing the basics. When you do, you can add color here and there. You can change a piece or two.

Take Care of Your Body

Of course, take care of your body. Wash and clean yourself regularly. Wear clean clothes. Brush your teeth. Practice good hygiene in general.

Another way of taking care of your body is to exercise. It will make you healthier, and that will radiate outward. A healthy body can make you look even more attractive. You don’t have to grow massive muscles. Just keep your body fit.

To achieve a healthy physique, you also have to practice good eating habits. Eat healthy foods. Avoid sugary drinks. Most importantly, limit alcohol intake.

Stand Tall

You don’t have to be literally tall. Just stand straight. It’s a simple but powerful move. Why? People tend to gravitate more towards confident men.

Standing, or even just sitting straight, makes you look more attractive. If you often slouch, standing or sitting straight will feel alien to you at first. But as you notice the positive changes more, you’ll correct yourself instantaneously. It’s a good way to improve the way you think about yourself.

Practice Discipline

If you want to keep looking attractive after following these tips, be disciplined enough to maintain all of them. Correct and remind yourself when necessary.

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