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Go Thrift Shopping Like a Boss

In these times, being smart about the things we buy can make a big difference. Although there are things that you should buy new (boxers and socks for instance), buying secondhand items is not always so bad. There is a good reason why the secondhand market is flourishing. Even zero-waste advocates encourage buying secondhand to reduce wastes and to save our natural resources. Buying secondhand items in your area reduce the need for transport of new products and packaging, reducing your carbon footprint.

Environmental aspects aside, buying secondhand furniture and stuff can also save you lots of money. The thrill of finding a good deal can be quite addicting once you start thrift shopping. So without further ado, here are the things that you can buy pre-owned.

1. Car

If you are a practical dude, you know that a car’s purpose is to give you a comfortable and convenient means of transport. It is not for showing off to your buddies and the single ladies in town. For example, buying a pre-owned SUV, in good condition, of course, can save you thousands of dollars compared to buying it brand new. The value of brand new cars can depreciate quickly, making it impractical for most.

Buying new cars also come with extra costs, such as freight costs. Buying pre-owned also lets you take advantage of extra modifications that the previous owner may have installed. High-quality car modifications can be quite costly, so getting them along with your pre-owned car is a steal.

2. Outdoor Furniture

If you want to spruce up your deck for an all-guys night, why not visit your nearby furniture thrift shop? You can mix and match chairs and tables for a relaxed and carefree appeal. Throw in some wooden chairs and add some brand new throw pillows to make it more comfortable. Brand new outdoor furniture can be pricey, so look for cheaper secondhand options that can achieve the same results.

3. Dining Sets

Buying dining sets brand new can take a huge chunk out of your budget. A brand new dining chair alone costs around $50 to $80 each. A brand new dining table can cost you $200 to $1000, depending on the size and style. You can search for pre-owned dining sets in your area at garage sales, furniture thrift stores, Craiglist, Facebook Marketplace. and eBay. Like with your outdoor furniture, you can mix and match dining chairs for a quirky and fun aesthetics.

4. Books

Books are some of the items that you can buy used at a much lower price, and your enjoyment will not even be affected. Unless you are collecting first editions in brand new and mint conditions, there should be no issues in buying used books in good condition. You can find pre-owned textbooks, coffee table books, reference books, and hardbound novels in prices that are a mere fraction of their brand new price in Amazon and thrift stores. If you have no trouble letting go of books that you have already read, you can even sell your own pre-owned books. You can then use your earnings to buy “new” pre-owned books.

5. Game Consoles

game consoles

If you simply want to enjoy a good game every weekend, buying pre-owned gaming consoles is a practical option. Brand new Playstation 4 Bundles can cost as much as $450. Meanwhile, you can buy it pre-owned at $300. You can spend the money you have saved on games that you can play on your console.

6. Used Suits

If you rarely use suits and only use them on special occasions, you can buy one good set and you are good to go. However, if you use suits at work every day, buying 5 sets can set you back lots of money. Brand new suits from popular brands can cost you $500 or more. Check eBay and Poshmark for high-quality secondhand suits. When you buy secondhand suits, you must know your suit size so you can score affordable yet stylish suits that fit you perfectly. Look for pre-owned suits from reputable brands known for their quality construction so you do not have to worry about its durability.

7. Knick-Knacks And Arts

If you are the type who takes his home’s interior seriously, you can save hundreds of dollars if you choose to buy pre-owned. Instead of spending on brand new and overpriced artwork in department stores, visit your nearby Goodwill or thrift shops for vintage and pre-owned pieces. Most thrift shops have antique wall clocks, decorative mirrors, and unique knick-knacks such as old cameras and figurines.

With patience and a little thrift shopping skills, you can save your hard-earned money when you choose to buy pre-owned items that are in excellent condition. Not only are you saving money, but you are also saving the Earth when you buy pre-owned, making every purchase guilt-free.

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