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Making Your Maple-floored Basketball Court Last Longer

Wooden floors are a classic. They’re beautiful and reliable, but they have special needs. You add basketball to the mix, and it’s a whole different story. There are many options for basketball court surfacing, but you’ve probably noticed hardwood flooring in basketball games. You’ve seen it on TV or perhaps in your own town’s gym. Have you ever wondered why?

Hardwood, specifically, maple wood is the ideal indoor basketball flooring. For decades, maple wood flooring has been the standard in all professional games.

Why It’s the Best

There’s a reason professional basketball players favor wooden floors. Ever since the mid-1800s, maple wood has been the best choice for basketball court flooring. Among other types of wood, like red oak and black walnut, maple has proven to be the most durable for the sport. It is also the easiest to clean and maintain.

If you’re thinking of getting an indoor basketball court with maple wood as your flooring, there are a few things you should know. Here are some tips you can follow to help make your basketball court floors ‘bounce back’ from the tear and last longer.

Clean Regularly

Be careful what you lug in so carelessly. Dirty wheels on carts and other equipment can leave scratches on the floor. They can also leave debris and ruin the wood. It isn’t just about the appearance, but its quality. It may affect the bounce of the ball.

The same goes for people’s shoes. Once they enter the court, they bring dust and dirt with them, which may rub against the floors. Cleaning regularly is important because it gets rid of all of that. The longer these little particles stay on the surface of the floors, the more damage is done to them.

Avoid Water Damage

Speaking of cleaning, there’s one thing you should know. DO NOT use a mop to clean the floor as this may cause water damage. A mop is made to absorb a lot of water that, if too excessive, can cause warping. Warping can lead to uneven floorboards, making it unsafe for players. Other examples of water damage are shaling, splintering, excessive shrinking and expanding, paint wear, and chipping. Instead of going for the usual mop and bucket, use the dry mopping method.

During games, a lot of liquids are involved. From energy drinks to damp towels (not to mention splattering sweat, too), that’s just a lot of liquids going to the floor. This is something worth keeping an eye on. If water stays on the court’s flooring for too long, it won’t just cause damage but might cause an accident in the middle of a game too.

basketball court

Provide Walk-off Mats, Especially on the Entryway

You don’t have control over who comes in, where they’ve been, and where they’re going next (but if you did, you would probably tell everyone to take their shoes off before entering).

Having mats prevents dust and dirt from getting to the floor first. It doesn’t just trap unwanted particles; it’s a great preventive measure to keep your floors smooth for a longer period. Place the mats in areas where people are most likely to gather.

Get the Right Cleaning Tools

If you want your basketball court to be cleaned and maintained the right way, you’re going to need the right tools and the right person to do the job.

A good cleaning product to use is any neutral-pH cleaner, or even water will do the trick. It’s best to apply it with a towel or any cleaning system that spreads it along the floor evenly. You may also use the dry mopping approach, as previously mentioned. It’s similar to sweeping, except it’s done with a soft, microfiber cloth attached to the head.

Re-coat Routinely

A re-coat is not a huge band-aid for a neglected basketball court. It should be done right and on time. A well-maintained court means an easier re-coating process. Applying a coat before conditioning the floors will only trap the dirt and not solved any of the problematic areas. It will take a while to re-sand and smoothen out scuffs before applying a coat, so make sure to have that covered before going in. It’s recommended to have your court re-coated yearly.

There are multiple options for basketball court surfacing. But whichever you choose to have installed or play on, it deserves some looking after. Everybody is entitled to have a safe and fun time. Having a durable and well-maintained place to play ball is something everyone deserves.

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