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Here’s How Men Should Clean Their Bachelor Pad

Men have always had a reputation for being sloppy and messy. And sometimes, this is reflected in their bachelor pads. Used clothes are outside the laundry basket, the sink is teeming with dirty dishes, and the linens have not been changed for weeks (or probably months) – you get the picture!

However, it’s time to get yourself to clean your space. Do not be so used to the mess, as it can be unhealthy. Not to mention, you may get a bad impression from your friends, a potential date, and even your parents. It is understood that you have a busy lifestyle, but you need to find time to clean up your pad. Consider getting it done over the weekend or clean little by little throughout the week.

Nevertheless, here are some of the things to keep in mind:

Start with your bedroom

First things first. Your bedroom is probably the most used area of your pad, so it may be the dirtiest and most disorganized. What you should do is throw the dirty linens into the laundry basket and change to fresh ones. Dust the room and get rid of the items that you will not need. If possible, change the curtains, too. When you’re done, spray some deodorizer for that fresh scent. Starting now, make it a habit to make your bed after you wake up every day.

Get yourself some organizers and containers

There’s a high probability that your pad is messy because you do not have enough storage spaces where you can keep your things together. Without enough shelves and containers, you tend to leave things everywhere. Install modular ones to save space and get yourself some baskets for your dirty laundry. New containers and shelves will also help a lot in your kitchen, especially when it comes to keeping your condiments and cookware. Also, get your bathroom a new waterproof shelf where you can easily organize your toiletries.

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Deep-clean your bathroom

Speaking of bathroom, there’s a great chance that it is already grimy. The tiles may already be yellowish. Scrub the bathroom floor and walls properly to make it clean and shiny again. Get rid of the dirty towels (and wash them) and dispose of the contents of the bin. If you spot that the faucets are leaking, do not hesitate to call a plumbing company to fix it. You do not want to have high utility bills, do you?

Vacuum the entire space

When you have a vacuum cleaner, get the most out of it by cleaning the entire home. You will be able to gather all the dust and hair scattered throughout your home. After cleaning with your vacuum, check out the contents to find if there are any important item that got sucked into it.

Live in cleanliness and comfort

Now that you have cleaned your pad, vow that you will never leave it dirty again. It’s time that you practiced the clean-as-you-go philosophy. In the meantime, celebrate your clean home with a bottle of cold one or two.

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