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Home Cleaning Tips for the Clueless Bachelor

The springtime presents the perfect opportunity to get some cleaning done. But it takes a significant amount of motivation and commitment to do the job well. Take a deep breath and prepare yourself because all the work will be worth it.

Remember, tidying up is not all about just making your home look nice and neat. You also get several health benefits from finally getting it done. Grab your tools, or if you don’t already have them, purchase them, and let’s get down to business.

What to Know for Cleaning Each Area of Your Home

Each part of your home will require different techniques and approaches. Here is a friendly guide on how to maximize your cleanup of each space.

Front Yard

The front of your property determines the first impressions of your visitors and random passersby. Nobody wants to be nagged by friends and family members about the state of their home, right?

Bring out your garden shears to trim unkempt bushes and greenery. Mow your lawn, too, and make sure to water your plants regularly. If you’re up for the challenge, take a bit of time to plant some vegetables—it’s free food for the future you.

You may have also noticed unpleasant cracks on the ground outside your property. Contact crack-sealing experts to seal asphalt cracks and give the surface a fresh covering and make it look good as new.


Unfortunately, the quickest way to clean your garage and make sure everything has been accounted for is to empty it and then work your way from there. When you have emptied your garage, hose down your floors and wipe your shelves to remove dust and dirt. Keep the doors and windows open, too, to get rid of stale air.

While emptying the garage, have a Keep, Discard, and Repair pile to make the job much faster. When it comes time to put things back inside, get inspired by garage organization ideas to find a system that works best for the kind of equipment you keep in there.

clean bedroom


When was the last time you saw the floor of your bedroom? If you don’t know the answer to the previous question, that means a room cleanup is long overdue.

First, grab all the clothes lying around and throw them in the hamper for laundry. It doesn’t matter if you think they’re unused. If they’ve been lying around for quite some time, it is likely they already need washing.

Throw away food wrappers and other trash, too. Make sure to separate biodegradable from non-biodegradable.

Also, change your bedsheets! Believe it or not, the best practice is to change your sheets every week. You don’t see it, but dead skin cells and dust mites accumulate on them.


Wiping and dusting your table, counters, cupboards, and other storage areas are a given. But two particular areas in your kitchen need your attention: the refrigerator and the dishwasher.

Open your fridge and look at the expiration dates of the items in it. Let go of the ones that are already expired. It will save you from a lot of stomach issues.

Check your leftovers and fresh produce, too, and throw away spoiled and rotten food. If you’re unsure of the smell, it’s probably best to throw it out.

Your dishwasher also needs washing. Remove all the attachments so you can easily take out debris from inside the machine. Architectural Digest recommends two wash cycles: the first with vinegar and the second with baking soda sprinkled on the bottom of the dishwasher.


When it comes to cleaning, the bathroom is often considered the final boss of all rooms. It just feels much harder to clean than the rest of the areas. But it doesn’t have to be too hard!

Scrub down your tub, shower walls, and sink, and toilet, and disinfect the toilet, too. Wipe your bathroom fixtures and use some glass cleaner where appropriate, including your mirror. You should also mop up your floors with a mixture of cleaner and water.

Don’t forget to clean out your cabinets and replace the bathroom mat and shower curtain. Once you’ve covered all your bases, open the window and let some fresh air in.

Make It Fun!

Just because you’re doing your chores, it doesn’t mean that it should feel like it. Inject a little excitement by playing your favorite music or listening to a podcast while cleaning up. It makes time go by faster and makes spring cleaning a fun bachelor activity.

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