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Home Improvement Ideas You Can Start and Finish in One Weekend

You may think that two days is not enough to finish a whole home improvement project. But that’s probably because you’re looking at the wrong projects, to begin with. Even with only one weekend to work, there are lots of DIY projects that you can tackle to improve your home and maybe even increase your property’s value.

The key is to choose a project that you can realistically finish with the time and skills you have. To get you started, here are some home improvement ideas for the weekend that you can consider.

Refinish hardwood floors

Sanding and finishing a wood flooring usually take 3-5 days to finish, plus 1-2 days of staying off the area while the polyurethane dries. However, this depends on the size of the area you’re refinishing. If you only refinish a small area of your home, say, a single room or a small portion of your kitchen, you should be able to accomplish it in a single weekend.

Paint a room

Painting a room is one of the easiest DIY projects you can do that can make a big difference in your home. You will only need a roller, paint, painter’s tape, drop cloth, and spare clothes to give a room a fresh coat of paint. Best part? It will only take a whole day at most to repaint a whole regular-sized room. The second day of your weekend can be used to clean up your tools and let the paint dry.

Replace your garage door

Your garage door plays a significant role in your home’s curb appeal. Thus, replacing it can improve your exteriors significantly while also enhancing your security. Plus, you’ll only need about three to four hours out of your weekend to replace your garage door, given that the new door is compatible with the available space and you don’t need to replace anything else.

While you’re at it, you may also want to install a new garage door opener, which can take around three hours.

Do some lawn work

Use the weekend to catch up on lawn care. Mow, water, fertilize, pull out weeds, and aerate. Whatever task you’re lagging on, do it this weekend to keep your lawn healthy and get the chore out of the way for now.

Make small repairs

How many times have you stepped on the creaky step on the stairs or walked past a small crack on your drywall? Minor repairs may be annoying to do, but they are often quick and easy. In fact, spending the whole weekend making repairs may get rid of all the minor things wrong with your house for good.

Deep clean

Deep cleaning is often tedious, which makes it easier to do during a free weekend where you have no other commitments. Shampoo your carpet, launder your linens, clean behind appliances, power wash your driveway–do all of the chores that you would otherwise have no time to do during weekdays. In this way, you can get a good bulk of cleaning out of the way, and you can enjoy a clean house for the rest of the week.

painting the room

Organize storage spaces

Organize your closets, bookshelves, drawers, and other storage spaces to make life easier. While you’re at it, try sorting out things that you can donate or sell to free up space and get rid of clutter.

Add lighting in your kitchen

LED lights underneath your kitchen cabinets can make your kitchen more inviting while providing extra illumination while cooking. Get some LED strips and install them under your cabinets or anywhere you want extra light. These strips can be installed with an adhesive so you won’t really need any tools to finish this project.

These home improvement ideas can be done on a weekend, and some won’t even take up your entire two days. So if you have time to spare this weekend and want to do something productive, consider one or more of these home improvement projects to do.

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