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How Can You Effectively Impress Your Date?

It’s been a while since people could freely go out with their special someone and ‘paint the town.’ Unfortunately, a lot of the usual date places and activities are out of the question right now. While you’re sitting there, wondering when you can ask someone out again, why not spend this time stepping up your game?

Here are a few ideas to make sure you impress your date the next time you have one.

Presentation Matters


You likely already know this one, but you may have misunderstood its extent. Yes, rolling up in a dope ride or showing off that handsome dress shirt will win you some points, but the little things matter, too.

Make sure you look clean and crisp. Smell the part, too. Small details like cutting your nails or making sure your shoes are clean are indications of how well you take care of yourself.

Caring about how you present yourself during dates will also let your partner know that what they think about you matters to you as well.

According to Psychology Today, physical attributes also give clues about reproductive compatibility. They let your potential partner know whether you’re a good fit for them, physically.

So make sure you look your best when you go out on a date.

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Your Home

But it doesn’t stop there. According to The Atlantic, your home is part of your self-definition. It’s an extension of who you are. That said, it’s also equally important that you make sure your home looks its best.

Say you had a great time with your date, and you both decided to keep having fun at your place. Or a timelier situation, what if you choose to cook for your partner and eat in?

Your home needs to be spotless. Nothing ruins moods faster than dirty laundry scattered everywhere, a sink full of used dishes, or a bedroom that smells of mold. Pull out all the stops and clean every inch of your home before you invite them over.

Take it to the next level and do the home improvement projects you’ve been putting off. It is a perfect time, while the world is in quarantine. Get that kitchen or bathroom remodel going. That’s bound to earn you some points.

Genuineness is Golden

Honesty is sexy. In a time when technology makes it so easy to connect with hundreds upon hundreds of people, being genuine is the aphrodisiac everyone is looking for, whether they know it or not.

Apart from being truthful about yourself, this also means showing genuine interest in the other person. Don’t blurt out hollow flattery just because you think that’s what they want to hear. Compliment them only if you find their eyes captivating or their smile charming. Otherwise, don’t.

Besides, people are more perceptive than you might imagine. It’s easy to pick up subtle cues about someone’s dishonesty or disinterest. Here’s Bustle with a long list of red flags when it comes to that.


Anyway, more than the bling and the ka-ching, make sure you look your absolute best when going on a date. Your home should be sparkling before you invite your partner over. And don’t forget to be 100% genuine with them. These suggestions should impress anyone.

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