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How Extra Is Extra? Luxury Home Amenities You Can Only Dream Of

There are two types of reactions when watching real estate TV shows: the ‘wow’ and the ‘why?’ The former is amazed by all the luxury and grandeur they see in million-dollar homes. The latter is when there’s something outrageously out-of-place but somehow makes sense in the house.

There are houses that have all gold walls, like Jeffree Star’s McMansion, and before Star moved to this place, he had a literal pink vault for his vast collection of luxury clothes, bags, and accessories. Sometimes, this kind of lavish lifestyle rubs off on the viewers, and next thing you know, they’re building their own mansions on The Sims.

Bowling Alley

Remember when you were younger and you’d think of a fun thing to do over the weekend. Then, you think “bowling!” and you know it’s going to turn into a competition—or if you watch enough movies and TV shows, it’s usually where things go haywire.

If your life is a movie, the latter outcome can be avoided if you put a bowling alley in your home. Usually, the alley is in the recreation room with the pool table, Foosball, open bar, and the huge TV. To level up the fun, a residential bowling alley upgrade would make game nights exponentially more fun.

You and your friends could switch things up a bit with bowling party games. Change the rules of the game or add a few more rules. It can be wacky, like doing it in slow motion or turning it into a disco party. It can also be a bet between who washes the dishes the next day or walks the dogs. Always stay safe, though! Wear the right shoes and avoid being reckless with a bowling ball in your hand.

Sports Club

A BuzzFeed HomeBuddies video featured a mansion that is so grand it has a mini-golf course, a basketball court, and a tennis court—all in one court. The pair’s weekend was so filled with activities even without going out of the house. The owner of the home did say that he designed the house for entertaining guests, especially for his kids.

Having all these sports in your backyard is great for sports buffs out there, as they can live an active lifestyle without leaving the comfort of their home. Of course, inviting friends over would be great, too, considering how fun the weekend would be if you had a sports club in your backyard.

For varsity students, extra training would be easier since they can play their sport when they’re bored. It could be like an active rest day, too, where instead of playing against a coach, they play against family members. It’s also a sneaky way to incorporate a fit and healthy lifestyle with family bonding.
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Movie Theater

People might think that a dark room and a projector would already do a good movie theater, but there’s so much time, effort, and money that goes into this room. There’s a lot of aspects to a home movie theater: electronics, soundproofing, comfort, and sound quality.

For a cleaner look, the wires should be hidden, but for safety purposes, they shouldn’t be inside the wall. At the back of the screen would do, and the rest of the electronics should have a designated compartment that you can easily open. This compartment should have enough space for the devices to breathe and to prevent overheating.

The sound system is one of the most crucial aspects of the theater. If you want it to be like an actual theater, you can invest in Dolby surround sound. Then, have contact contractors and experts to soundproof the room. Don’t forget to buy state-of-the-art lounge chairs for extra comfort.

The Age-old Inquiry on Money and Happiness

Of course, you’re going to need a significant amount of money to attain these luxuries in life. Whether these will bring you happiness is up to you, and there have been studies distinguishing the relationship between money and happiness.

One example is the study conducted by the Harvard on 4,000 millionaires. The study found that people with a net worth of $10 million find more happiness than those with $1 million. Self-made millionaires are happier, too, especially when they spend their money helping other people. Another finding is $50,000 is enough to find happiness in wealth because, for the wealthy, there could be a happiness plateau when the money that comes in stops giving significant changes in lifestyle.

Fifty thousand, a million, or ten—wealth and happiness are for you to decide. If you want a bowling alley, a sports club, or a vaulted closet in your home, and it gives you fulfillment, that should be enough.

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