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How Much Should You Spend in Utah for Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets?

Homeowners in Utah should expect to spend an average of $2,764 to refinish cabinets at home, but most people spend between $1,665 and $3,883 for this project.

The actual cost will vary based on factors such as where you live in the state. If refinishing cabinets will be part of a home remodeling, Salt Lake City contractors will charge a different rate from a similar company in Provo. You could spend from $4 per square foot to $10 per square foot inclusive of labor fees and materials. If a contractor agrees on an hourly rate, the usual cost ranges between $35 and $75 per hour.

The Part of Your House Matters

Cabinet refinishing for the kitchen will either cost more or less than the same work in a bathroom or office. The size will determine the cost variations among the three rooms. For instance, a 40-square-foot bathroom may cost between $180 and $400 based on a per-square-foot rate. Refinishing cabinets for home offices could require you to spend at least $500 based on the same pricing.

As kitchens are usually much larger than the two other rooms, you could spend $1,500 for refinishing cabinets in a 150-square-foot kitchen. Custom work for any of these rooms will definitely increase the total price up to $5,000 because it would take a longer time and more materials are needed to complete your desired style.

Refinish or Reface?

A simple way to know whether to refinish or reface cabinets involves your budget. Are you willing to pay up to five times the average cost of refinishing? This means spending at least $4,000 for refacing cabinets. Refinishing seems a better choice when you only want to change the appearance of old cabinets by painting or staining.

On the other hand, refacing usually replaces a cabinet’s handlebars, doors, and drawer faces to match the style of a renovated kitchen. This could be more expensive that it may be a better option to install new cabinets instead. An average installation may cost around $4,250, including the materials and cost of labor. Consult an expert to learn more about the distinct variations between refinishing and refacing cabinets.

DIY vs. Professional Service


You could reduce your expenses by refinishing cabinets on your own, but you need to devote more time in exchange for saving money. A DIY project would take up to five days of refinishing work, which also means that you are left without a functional space during that time. It could only take two days when you hire an experienced professional.

Remember that refinishing only solves the aesthetic problems of cabinets. You need to consider repairs or replacements for poorly installed fixtures. If you plan to do this without any experience or knowledge on cabinetry work, you should not expect a stellar outcome.

Homeowners should consider refinishing their old cabinets, especially when they want to limit their spending on kitchen upgrades. When choosing among contractors in your area, ask for price estimates from three different companies before making a decision.

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