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How to be an Expert with Champagne

Attending parties and social gatherings often involve drinking alcoholic beverages, especially the more high-end ones. If you are a full-fledged adult and have attended such gatherings, then you most likely have experienced drinking alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, cocktails, or champagne.

As a champagne or bubbly enthusiast, you might think that you already know everything that you have to know when it comes to drinking champagne. However, there are still ways to up your champagne game. Here, we will discuss what those things are when it comes to drinking that champagne you bought online in the UK.

Choose the Right Glass

If you want to fully enjoy the aroma of the champagne, then drink it with a white wine glass. This glass’ opening is just big enough to allow you to smell the champagne’s aroma easily. Sure, using traditional champagne flutes are okay, too, but smelling the aroma of the bubbly might be much more difficult if you decide to use this.

Coupe glasses have openings that are too wide, which might expose the champagne to the air, creating bubbles and letting the aroma escape the glass quickly.

Store the Bottle Properly

Most bubbly enthusiasts store their bottles in the fridge after it has been opened. Sure, this is okay if you decide to store it in there for just three to four days, but if you are not planning on consuming it in a couple of days, then just look for a space in your home that has a consistently cool temperature.

Your champagne bottle’s cork can easily get dried out in the fridge, which can affect the champagne’s aroma and oxidisation.

Hold it by the Stem

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When drinking your champagne, make sure to hold the glass by the stem and not by the body. Holding the champagne by the bowl will affect the champagne’s temperature easily, as your fingers will eventually warm up the champagne faster than usual.

Also, holding it by the stem will make you look like a true champagne enthusiast and an elegant bubbly connoisseur!

Use a Stopper

Get a good champagne stopper to preserve all of your champagne’s delicious bubbles. Use the stopper in between pours so the bubbles would not easily escape the bottle. This will allow your champagne bottle to be fresh the whole day so you can enjoy it way longer.

Also, when pouring champagne in the glass, make sure to pour just about one-third of the way full. You would not want it to warm up right away, so make sure to pour only what you intend on drinking in just a few sips.

Go ahead and enjoy your champagne with amazing-tasting food, such as oysters, caviar, truffle fries, cheese, and fried chicken. Gather your friends and family and celebrate your amazing milestones with a bottle of your favourite champagne. Remember, it does not always have to be an elegant celebration, even just a simple social gathering with your loved ones and closest friends is enough to make the event special.

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