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How to Survive a Long Road Trip without Losing Your Mind

A road trip, especially a long one, can become exhausting and tedious after just a few hours on the road. So how can you survive a long road trip without losing your marbles or fighting everyone in the car? Here are some tactics that might help you:

1. Make sure your vehicle is road trip ready

Before anything else, make sure your car is ready for a long road trip. Check out Subaru timing belt kit prices, have your car inspected at the shop, and maybe have it tuned up before you go. In this way, you can effectively reduce the risk of your car breaking down in the middle of the highway, which is not a fun experience for anyone.

2. Plan rest stops

Sitting for hours on end can take a toll on your body, especially if you’ll be the only one driving during the trip. While planning your trip, determine where your rest stops will be and perhaps time them with your regular mealtimes. Taking a rest stop every two hours or so will help keep your muscles limber, as well as avoid pain as much as possible.

3. Pack entertainment

Road trips can get pretty dull when you’re seeing nothing but highways for hours. To keep everybody entertained, download music, audiobooks, and podcasts to listen to during the long hours of the trip. If you are bringing kids with you, pack plenty of toys, books, and activities that they can do to keep them occupied.


4. Bring plenty of food and water

A road trip is not complete without food and drinks. Bring healthy snacks with you, such as homemade sandwiches or fruit slices, as well as plenty of water. Packing some chips, candy, and other classic road trip foods is fine, but don’t tear into them all at once to avoid sugar crashes and stops at a gas station bathroom.

5. Don’t overdo it

Long road trips are bound to be exhausting, so don’t feel hesitant to take a rest when you need to. As much as possible, don’t continue driving if you’re already feeling tired or sleepy. It’s better to take a nap at a truck stop than to risk you and your passenger’s safety if you drive tired.

6. Wear comfortable clothes

Wear your most comfortable pair of sweatpants, some sturdy boots or shoes (if you are the driver), and a soft, comfy top. You can always change into your more fashionable clothes when you arrive at your destination; the most important thing is to stay comfortable while in the car.

7. Coordinate with your companions

Gather your companions and plan your road trip together instead of just one person doing it. Take note of the places they want to stop by along the way and have everyone settle on the accommodations and destinations. In this way, everyone’s wishes are considered¬†before you get on the road, thus minimizing bickering along the way.

The longer the road trip, the more brutal it can be–but also the more fun. If you want to take an extended road trip, the key to enjoying to the fullest is adequate preparation. Use these tactics to help make your road trip exciting and comfortable for everyone.

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