Bachelor Cooking Basics: Learn How to Use the Kitchen in Your Bachelor’s Pad

So you finally achieved your long-time dream of having a bachelor’s pad. You have your own private space, and the design is well to your liking. You might even have your mini-bar.

This proves that you can achieve anything if you just set your mind to it. But here is a question: are you ever going to use your kitchen to make yourself some real food? If you think it’s not that much of a problem that you cannot cook, you have to think again.

Cooking is a life skill. Especially when you are living alone, you can’t depend on takeouts all your life. Look at it as a new challenge. At the same time, think about all the benefits you can get from learning how to make your own food.

You can do better in your fitness journey by making your own nutritious meals at home. Cooking is generally cheaper than buying food, so you get to save. It is a hobby that can relieve your stress. And you can recreate your go-to meals from your favorite restaurant without stepping out of your pad.

There is probably no downside to learning how to cook except that you’re going to fail at it in your first attempts. The good news is you can always get some help from the internet. Watch YouTube for full-on tutorials on handling kitchen accessories and cooking easy meals. That said, here are four channels you should take a look at, especially when you’re a newbie cook:

1. You Suck at Cooking

Don’t let the name of this channel discourage you from trying your hand at cooking. In fact, you can make significant progress with this channel if you practice some time every week. What’s great with the content you can find here is that the creator group recipes in playlists.

If you like to try making food without heat at first, they have a tutorial for that. You can follow their healthy sandwich and smoothie recipes. Use avocados, tuna, cheese, and fresh fruits. If you are a vegan, they have cooking tutorials for that as well.

You will be entertained watching this because of the way they inject humor in their videos. In one episode where the host explains how to make salsa, they said you would need a red thing for salsa: tomatoes, peppers, or even a brick. As for the green ingredient, green soap will do. For the sweet component, you can use wasp tears.


2. It’s Tuesday Night Somewhere with Melissa d’Arabian

If you are both busy and on a budget, you will consider Melissa a hero. She makes quick, easy, and inexpensive recipes on her YouTube channel. Her channel is excellent for you if you still want to make the effort of learning how to cook despite your very hectic work schedule.

You can still make progress even if you only choose to cook once every three days. That still counts for something. The channel’s main target is busy moms who want to make healthy and delicious meals for their families in under 30 minutes. She did not say single men can’t sit in her class, so go ahead.

3. How to Cake It

If you are a dessert guy who loves cake, there is a channel for you. How to Cake It will teach you the basics of baking with their easy-to-follow tutorials. The host, Yolanda Gampp, makes beautiful cakes with intricate details and fun designs.

You may doubt that you can follow along and create the same output on your screen, but with enough practice, you will. In fact, one of the channel’s episodes is called “Can I turn a beginner baker into a pro in one day?!” Here, she taught a total beginner how to bake. You can try watching that for your first encounter with Yolanda to get some inspiration from a fellow beginner.

4. Steve the Bartender

Finally, celebrate with Steve the Bartender after you make your first-ever meal. Move to your mini-bar for a bit of celebration for your effort to learn something new. Steve the Bartender is the perfect Youtube channel to learn how to make your own drinks.

He makes tutorials for classic cocktails like martini and daiquiri and even drinks you have never heard of before. The drinks he makes have fun names like Pink Panther’s Milk. You will surely have a fun time virtually hanging out with Steve. Aside from recipes, you will also learn about the different terms, tips, and techniques used in bartending.

Keep watching and exploring the internet for fun ways to learn how to cook. Soon enough, your kitchen will be among your favorite hangout spots at home. You can also share your cooking and drinks with your gang when they come over.


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