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Keeping Your Plumbing Business Competitive in the Digital Age

Being a service-oriented type of business, plumbers need to market and advertise their expertise to remain competitive. Gone are the days when plumbing companies need to give out fliers or post “Got Leak?” paper adverts on electrical posts or city walls. Technology has changed how businesses sell their wares and services. Plumbers need to realize how valuable the internet is in making them more accessible to their clients.
It may seem complicated, but given the right tools for online marketing, it shouldn’t be. Here are some quick recommendations on how to bring your plumbing business competitive in today’s digital age:

Use Smart Devices

Smart devices are the best tech tools for marketing a business online. The majority of consumers use their smartphones, tablets, and other devices to search for products or services online or make online transactions.
If your plumbing company utilizes mobile technology, it would be easier for you to advertise your services to a broader audience. For example, if local plumbers in places like Lehi adopted mobile payments for their services, they’d be more in-demand due to convenience. It would also be easier for them to process payments and send email invoices.

Tap the Local Clients

Tapping local clients is the first step in marketing your plumbing services. The location target option in online ads allows businesses to pick specific locations where they want their ads to be shown. Mobile phones send data locations to cell towers, which makes it easier for you to pinpoint the location of your target market.
A location-based marketing strategy helps you focus on a specific market that is likely to hire your services. Think of it as creating a geofence to make your presence seen online by the right people at the right place at the right time.

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Make Client Feedback Count

Content marketing is one of the best ways to advertise your services. Examples of good content marketing are how-to articles, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) videos, and any blogs about the new services that your company offers. These types of content are great for marketing because they help boost your business’ brand and identity.
Still, the best kind of content is user-generated content. Satisfied customers can create content based on their experience with your business. They can either write their feedback or submit it in video format. You can upload these on your website or social media page for potential customers to read or watch. Making your client’s feedback count in the form of peer-produced content will surely raise your company’s online reputation.

Utilize Social Media as a Marketing Tool

Social media is now part of everyone’s life, and for businesses, it is an effective marketing tool. It’s the most affordable way to build your company’s digital profile and connect with customers. Almost three billion people are actively online, and social media is often their preferred platform to either buy goods or search for services.
Use your company’s social pages to gather customer feedback, interact with your target market, or post relevant updates about your business. Social media also allows you to connect with other service-oriented companies that you can collaborate with. It helps you network with the right people to increase digital presence and business revenue.

lign=”left”>Service-oriented businesses like your plumbing company shouldn’t be stuck in the past. Bring it to the digital age and enjoy the perks of being seen by a wider audience. The market may be competitive, but a well-planned online strategy will make a huge difference.

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