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Looks of Love: Valentine’s Day Looks to Try This Year

A special day calls for an extra special look. Release your inner love bug by expressing the romance of Valentine’s Day, beginning with your look for the occasion. Whether you’re going on a romantic date with your partner or a night out with girlfriends, here are hair and makeup tips that will surely make it memorable.

Pull off the Classic Smoky Eye – with a Twist

It’s no surprise that the smoky eye is still on top of the trends this year. This timeless look exudes a sultry yet classy vibe – perfect for a night out or a romantic dinner date. This year, beauty enthusiasts have taken this classic look and given it a twist: Instead of using dark eyeshadow, they use lighter and more vibrant hues.

Show your V-Day spirit by using red or pink eyeshadow. You can even mix colors for a more striking look. Apply the shadow on the creases of your eyelids and work your way upward and outward. Do the same with your lower lash lines as well. Finish the look off by framing it with eyebrows on fleek using makeup that will shape and define your brows. You may also use dark mascara or eyelash extensions for a more dramatic look.

Bring Out the Blow-dryer

Woman getting a blow dry

There’s just something sexy about the undone and messy look that the blow-dried look has. This season, the blow-dried look is evidently going back in style and the good thing is that you can easily recreate it in the comfort of your home. Save yourself some bucks and bust out your trusty blow-dryer instead of driving to a salon.

After washing your hair, apply mousse and protective spray through your damp strands to add thickness and prevent the dryer’s heat from damaging your hair. Towel off your wet hair lightly and start using your dryer to blow your hair. Make sure not to dry it all the way. Part your hair into sections using clips and start drying and shaping layer upon layer with a roller brush, increasing heat as you go. Curl the ends by rolling the brush while being blown. After removing the clips, flip your hair to the front and from the roots, brush outward to create volume. Push it back with your fingers and tousle lightly. Finish it off with setting spray to make sure your runway ready hair stays put throughout the day.

Use the Color of the Year

Go bold and bright this year by infusing coral into your makeup palette. You may even use this color on your lids to create a vibrant mono shadow or a lively smoky eye (see previous beauty tip).

Another way to incorporate living coral into your look is by using matte or liquid lipstick in a peachy shade for a look that can pass from day-to-night. Use a brown or skin-tone lip liner to add volume and shape and you’re good to go. Create a look that you can wear both to the office and to the bar after work.

Don’t fret about having worked in the morning or not being able to go to the salon for an appointment. These looks are easy to pull off at home or on-the-go. Go have your Valentine’s Day celebrations in style.

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