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Toys For The Big Boys: Luxury Collectibles For Men

They say that men never stop being kids. They change their toys as they grow older.

We have broken down big boys’ toys into several categories so you can see how men spend ridiculous amounts of money on what they consider as their playthings.

10 Categories of Expensive Big Boys’ Collectibles Today

  1. Adventure Gear

Men are wild at heart. They are born with an innate desire for adventure. They need to conquer things and overcome challenges. This is why some men are willing to spend ridiculous amounts of money on gear for extreme sports and adventures. These include extreme sports, guns and ammo, archery, mountaineering, spelunking, rock climbing, and other similar sports and activities.

  1. Automobiles 

You can’t discuss big boys’ toys without talking about cars. A lot of men go crazy when it comes to cars. Whether they’re vintage cars, custom trucks, import tuners, or American muscle, men love their cars. But we’re not just talking about regular cars. We’re talking about high-end cars that go for not just tens but hundreds of thousands of dollars, with some going as high as millions.

  1. Aviation 

Some guys aren’t satisfied with land-based vehicles, so they’re bringing their game higher. Literally.

The Wright Brothers were onto something. Man has longed to conquer the skies for centuries now. And those who can afford it have never regretted the experience. Flying lessons are pricey. Logging flight hours can cost a fortune. Owning a plane requires plenty of cash. More than the initial acquisition cost, you also need to consider maintenance and upkeep.

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  1. Digital Tech

Men are highly competitive and always want to be first in everything. As innovative technology keeps advancing, many men want to stay ahead of the competition by having the latest and most up-to-date gadgets and digital devices known to man. Whether they’re the newest smartphone, gaming laptop, entertainment system, or smart home device, some men are willing to pay top dollar to say they were one of the first few to get their hands on these technological marvels.

  1. Lifestyle 

This particular category is quite broad and encompasses almost everything on this list. But most men will spend good money on their wants depending on their lifestyles and preferences. Some men might spend lots of money on their man caves, while some would rather put it in customizing cars or trucks. Some might go crazy with expensive wines, while others might invest in high-end interiors and decors at home.

  1. Marine

Men who are into all things marine and nautical will set aside a good portion of their income to sustain their hobbies and interests. This may involve things such as yachts, jet skis, sailboats, scuba gear, and in some cases, even submarines.

Those who have deep pockets even collect beachfront properties that allow them to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea whenever they want to.

  1. Men’s Fashion

When it comes to fashion, many men keep tabs on the latest trends and styles, especially when it comes to these two things: watches and shoes. From limited-edition Rolexes to the most expensive pair of Jordans, watch collectors and sneakerheads will never hesitate to use their hard-earned money to cop collectible watches and sneakers to fill gaps in their collection.

  1. Ride

Speedsters and adrenaline junkies consider buying top-of-the-line vehicles as a form of investment. These include specialized vehicles like scooters, personal transportation systems, bicycles, quad bikes, ATVs, 4x4s, buggies, and other similar rides. Some of them even spend more money on bikes and motorcycles than they would on a car, with some of them going for over a hundred thousand dollars.

  1. Toys, Statues, and Geeky Collectibles

One of the enjoyable things that men collect are toys and geeky collectibles. While some toys are inexpensive, hard-core collectors are willing to dish out thousands of dollars for rare items and holy grails to fill the voids in their collections. These collectibles are so precious that some extreme collectors even have storage buildings made on their properties for proper storage and display.

  1. Wellness

Health is wealth, as the saying goes. Some men take this to heart and spend as much money as they can on anything and everything related to health and wellness. From installing indoor swimming pools and spas to buying expensive home gyms and zen garden equipment, many men are fully invested in their health and wellness. These include spending much on sports gear and nutrition.

Boys will be boys. They don’t change. Only their toys do.

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