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10 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Masculine

A bathroom is an essential part of any household. It’s where people bathe, do their business, and spend some time relaxing. These are the reasons why it should be very masculine for men because that’s what they need most in their daily lives.

Here are ten simple tips on how to make the most out of your bathroom.

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1. Use Dark Colors, Especially Black

Black gives the room a more masculine feeling because it’s usually associated with masculinity and power.

Dark woods also go well for this purpose because they are made to be sturdy and are known to last very long compared to other types of wood that tend to wear quickly over time.

It is not an absolute must, but it’s always practical if you keep in mind what you’re aiming for when decorating your bathroom.

2. Avoid Clutter at All Costs!

Clutter can take away from the masculinity factor, so make sure no unnecessary items are lying around the bathroom.

Everyone has their own personal items, but they shouldn’t be in the bathroom if you’re not using them. Keep things simple and minimal.

3. Add Some Pizzazz!

Masculine doesn’t mean dull and boring. You can make your bathroom masculine while also making it look exquisite, classy, and sophisticated at the same time, just by using simple techniques like adding mirrors with silver-plated frames or even an expensive-looking shower curtain to give it that royal touch.

Just because you’re aiming for masculinity doesn’t mean you have to give up style completely. There’s always room for both.

4. Give it a Steam Shower

A steam shower have custom glass shower doors where water vapor comes out from some nozzles and fills up the entire airspace.

It’s very therapeutic because of the moist, soaked environment, which helps in relieving muscle tension.

It also boosts your immune system, keeps you relaxed, especially after a hard day’s work, and makes you look forward to using it every night before going to bed.

5. Give it a Hot Tub

Why have just a shower when you can also have a hot tub? Having this in your bathroom allows you to unwind even more after using the steam room.

It’s an excellent way of being able to relax while being surrounded by water… very masculine indeed!

6. Install More Mirrors

As mentioned before, mirrors are essential for men because they shave daily. However, having only one mirror available is not enough, especially if women in the household use makeup products and do their hair every day.

That means you need at least two mirrors on the same wall for both purposes, which makes it impractical since mirrors occupy too much space… unless, of course, if the bathroom has enough height to accommodate two mirrors mounted on the same wall!

7. Use Wall-Mounted Cabinetry

Having wall-mounted cabinetry is very practical. It saves more space and can be used to store all the items that belong in the bathroom.

Women’s smaller items (like skincare products, makeup, and other things) can be stored on shelves or cabinets, while men’s stuff like shaving supplies can be stored in drawers for quick access.

8. Add Some Artwork

Since you’re aiming for masculinity, make sure to add some artwork that’s not feminine-looking. For example, a painting of a soldier returning home can be displayed behind the mirror for men, especially if they’re familiar with the person in the artwork.

This will make them feel good about themselves and appreciate that part of their lives even more whenever they get to see it on display every day before leaving the bathroom.

9. Add a Touch of Wood

Another way to make the bathroom look more masculine is by adding a touch of wood even in just one spot in the wall, not necessarily all over it.

This can be done by covering a minimal area within view with wooden panels that have been painted black or any other color for contrast so that they can stand out and be visible.

Also, using a dark shade of wood will make the room look bigger and taller because it contrasts with the lighter colors that cover most bathroom walls.

10. Put a Rug on the Floor

Adding a rug to the bathroom floor can be an excellent way to add some extra luxury and masculinity at the same time.

It can also be used to cover the area around the bathtub or hot tub where water frequently accumulates. Make sure to use dark-colored rugs so that they won’t look dirty easily.

Well, whatever you do… good luck designing your bathroom, guys! We hope you enjoy these tips!

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