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Man Cave Maintenance: Pandemic Home Maintenance

We have all been spending time at home since the start of the quarantine period. It is only normal for us to want to keep our homes maintained during this time. Our homes have become comfortable havens that keep us sane during this situation. We have to keep our havens from looking chaotic, cluttered, and even damaged.

Apart from keeping our homes Instagram-worthy, we have to consider regular home maintenance. Have you been doing your part in keeping your home clean?

Home Maintenance Tips

Staying at home during the quarantine period should be a comfortable and safe experience. You can get this experience by making sure you commit to your home’s required upkeep. What do you have to remember when maintaining a home?

As you focus on seemingly more important things during this pandemic, you may have overlooked the maintenance of your gutter. There is a great need to maintain your gutters properly to prevent compromising your foundation and damaging structural elements. To avoid this, find a gutter cleaner around your area to help you with your home maintenance.

During your spring home maintenance, you should also check the roof, vents, and shingles for damage. When the roof is dry during spring, it offers a good time for you to manage repairs that need roof access.

Apart from checking the roof, this is also the time to check if there is any damage to your window screens. Check if you have to replace some window screens to prevent unwanted bugs from entering your kitchen or the rest of your home.

During the summer, you can opt to paint your home exterior if needed. This will allow the paint to dry quickly. Repainting your home exterior will prevent chips and damage on the facade.

If you have major repairs to be done during this pandemic, make sure you follow strict health protocols with those you hire and allow entry into your home. You wouldn’t want to invite the virus inside your supposed haven. Disinfect all surfaces properly after repairs.

Apart from the regular home maintenance that we need to conduct to keep our homes in good condition, what about the home interior? Do you want an Instagram-worthy home?

Picturesque Home Interior

home interior

If you live alone as a bachelor, you would want to take good care of your so-called man cave. While you stay at home during most of your quarantine life, how can you make things more interesting despite having to face the same four walls each day?

To add a hint of glam to your man cave, mix up your colors and add moody hues into your interior. It is a common notion that light colors are often associated with being feminine. If this is not your style, go for darker and bolder hues. Neutral colors may be your first choice, but going for more dramatic colors such as deep red and dark blue may give the right accent to your space.

Incorporate a variety of textures into your corners. You want to keep it sleek, but you should also make things interesting. Be brave enough to include interesting textures such as a faux fur carpet or a small sculpture to give your space more character.

Add a hint of leather to heighten the masculine vibe. The texture and color of leather have their unique appeal that draws people into your interior. A good quality leather chair will be a great focal point when taking photos of your space for your Instagram feed!

While there are many ways to elevate the level of interest in your home, what is more, important is to make your interior reflect your personality. A bold and daring ensemble won’t fit your lifestyle if this is not what you are truly looking for.

While it’s nice to fix up your home for your social media feed, it is more important to keep your home safe from the virus.

Home As A Haven

In keeping your home virus-free, make sure you strictly follow safety protocols even when you are at home.

Avoid touching your face with unwashed hands, and when you wash your hands, make sure to wash well. Always thoroughly clean frequently touched surfaces to avoid transmission of the virus. Keep your cabinets well-stocked with rubbing alcohol and soap to keep yourself clean and sanitized.

These are tough times that only provide us with uncertainty. Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to keep yourself safe and stress-free.

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