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Men Living Solo: Quarantine Blues When You Live Alone

These days, more people are into solo living. It is true that more women are becoming increasingly independent and finally embraced solo living. But according to statistics, men between ages 25-29 are more likely to live alone.

Why More Men Chose to Live Alone

Living alone has its perks. You are in charge of your time and you all the living space to yourself. You don’t have to worry about anyone else living with you which makes inviting friends over a breeze.

You get to buy a home with all the features you like and decorate it as you wish. You get to pick the furniture, wall color, the appliances, and let your personality show in your living space. You can even make space your own and invest in a few items like your own personal collection or have your indoor door mats personalized.

There are also drawbacks to living alone. You are basically in charge of all of your expenses since you have no roommate to split your bills with. You have to do all the chores, there’s no one to look after you if you get sick, making friends can be a bit tricky, and it can be easy to feel lonely.

But despite the cons of solo living, more men are choosing this kind of lifestyle. They absolutely love the freedom and independence solo living has to offer. And since more people can afford the expensive lifestyle, they chose to embrace solo living.

Living Alone Mid-Pandemic

When the Covid-19 crisis hit the globe, many people living alone were not initially bothered. They actually thought it will be easier since they have been living in a world of seclusion for quite some time now. But just because they are already isolated from others thanks to their lifestyle, already meant the quarantine life gets easier.

Individuals happily living solo may be more equipped with dealing with quarantine life. But it still depends on how comfortable they are with singlehood. If they feel comfortable living in solitude, they think it is easier to adapt to lockdowns.

But then, even the most independent individuals can start feeling lonely after months of isolation. When it has been so long since you had a real social interaction with your peers, you start missing the company of others. This is one drawback one can experience when you don’t have a roommate or a family to interact with back home.

Signs You Are Struggling When Living Alone During the Crisis

Did you know that according to a study, those who live in single-person households are at an increased risk for mortality? Men living solo are at a higher risk of social isolation. Experts claim this relates to the increased mortality related to post-acute myocardial infarction.

Now that social distancing and quarantining is encouraged during the pandemic, more people are feeling lonelier than ever. Even if you are already used to living alone, you could already be having a hard time coping.

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  • You are engaging in impulsive behaviors

People have different ways of coping when they are stressed out. According to reports, more people are engaging in problem-behaviors during the pandemic. This can mean drinking more often, binge-eating, and even excessive online shopping.

  • You often can’t get enough good night’s sleep

Some people now experience sleep problems caused by pandemic-related stress. They either have a hard time falling asleep, take too much sleeping, or only get a little amount of sleep each night. This causes one to be irritable, feel extremely sleepy or look and feel tired during the day.

  • You are not as productive and motivated as you were before

Have lost your sense of routine? Maybe you find it hard to get up each morning, go to work, and catch up with family and friends? If your productivity and motivation levels are often at an all-time low, you could be having a hard time coping.

  • You have these negative feelings and repetitive thoughts

Are you focusing too much on the news and feels bad after knowing how many more died and got sick from the virus?  Do you have these negative and uncontrollable thoughts or feelings of hopelessness that get you in trouble? Then it shows you are having a difficult time dealing with social isolation.

Solo living has its pros and cons. But if find that you are having a hard time coping with sheltering alone, know that there are ways you can try to deal with Covid-19 related stress. Reach out to your loved ones and start a healthy routine that works for you. Seek support from the pros as needed and practice healthy use of social media.

Know that you are not alone and many others are experiencing the same even if they have roommates or are living with their families. What’s important is that you recognize what you are experiencing and are willing to do what it takes so that your mental health won’t continue to suffer mid-pandemic.

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