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No-Fail Proposal: 3 Things You Can’t Afford to Mess Up When Popping the Question

A lot can go wrong in a marriage proposal: off-beat dance moves during a flash mob, out-of-tune singing in front of your partner’s family and friends, or a child peeing while you’re both going lovey-dovey and romantic. These are all forgivable, and may even make for a hilarious telling of your proposal later. However, there are things you can’t afford to do wrong. Otherwise, you won’t ruin only the moment but also your partner’s mood, which as you know will get your relationship on the rocks. To pull off a perfect marriage proposal, make sure to do these things right:

The Speech

You can trip on the words “Will you marry me?” but you can’t have a sloppy build-up of the momentum, leading to those words. Your proposal speech is one of those things that will be forever etched in your partner’s mind. Thus, make it count. Make it special. Sometimes, the rule “just follow your heart” works in getting the words out, but in a lot of instances, all you have is a blank mind, not knowing what to say. When this happens, remember the past-present-future principle. Start with the past: how you first met, what you felt when you first laid eyes on them, and what you were like as a couple in the early days. Then, move to the present: what has changed over the last years, what you’ve grown to love about your partner, and what you are now as a couple. Finally, tell your partner about what you hope for the future, which is, well, spending the rest of your life with her.

The Ring

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This precious object seals the deal. Thus, anything that’s concerning the ring should be perfect. For starters, you should never propose empty-handed. Some guys do this, and the reason is almost always money problems. If there are indeed financial troubles, then probably it’s a sign that you will have to consider delaying your decision to get married. Remember that marriage is not all love and butterflies in the stomach; it’s also about the unromantic aspects of life, such as paying the bills or sacrificing for your loved one’s happiness. The ring then is a representation of your preparedness emotionally and financially. Thus, again, don’t go empty-handed. Another ring-related thing that might go wrong in your proposal is the size of the jewelry. Although you can always resize it, that’s a hassle for both you and your partner. Hence, get the size right. Take the advice of jewelers in Salt Lake City, especially those from reliable jewelry companies such as AAA Jewelers, when getting the correct size. Bring one of your partner’s rings to the shop so that it can be measured.

The Location

Where you will propose plays a big role in this romantic day. In fact, it’s one of those things your partner won’t be able to forget when she shares your proposal story to loved ones. There’s no hard rule when it comes to finding the perfect site for popping the question, except for making sure that it’s special. “Special” means a lot for different couples. To some, it may be the parking lot where they first met. To others, it may be their usual table at their favorite Mexican restaurant. Still, to some, it’s their apartment, with their cluttered clothes and worn-out couch. The bottom line is that go for a location that’s special for you as a couple.

Again, you can never go wrong with the proposal elements mentioned above. Otherwise, you’d have to face a Bride-zilla before wedding planning even starts. Now, go pull off that proposal.

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