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Outdoor Activities That Will Push Your Body to Great Lengths

If you’re looking for activities you can do outside your home while also pushing your body to its limits — in a good way, you’re someone who is into adventures that to some — are considered tiring. But that is what they think. What matters is what you want — the sweat, the thrill, and the oddly satisfying muscle ache that comes after.

Being one with nature tops the experience off. You get to have a quick escape from the stress of your nine to five job, the city’s pollution, and the hellish traffic. After all, sitting in front of a computer for hours is never a good thing for both your mind and your body.

Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing or xc-skiing is an old winter recreational activity that is popular in Scandinavian countries such as Finland, Norway, and Sweden—the lands that made cross-country skiing possible. It is an activity that combines skiing and hiking all in one.

It is considered an aerobic exercise because motions needed to do the activity needs work from the shoulders, back, chest, core, and legs. Cross-country skiing can help you burn around 600 to 900 calories in just an hour.

Cross-country skiing is best done with xc-skiing instructors to ensure your safety. The activity is not the easiest thing to engage in but is worthwhile if you want to break a sweat and enjoy great views.


Backpacking is one of the simplest physically strenuous activities you can engage in outdoors. It is as simple as strapping on a backpack filled with water, snacks, and some basic first aid in case you run into trouble in the middle of your trail. Backpacking and hiking can be done on short or long trails, with climbs.

The difficulty of trails and climbs should depend on your experience and ability to handle the physical requirements of the activity. It requires good strength in the lower extremities of your body and high stamina. An hour of backpacking can help you burn around 600 to 700 calories.


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Another simple outdoor and therapeutic activity is running. The activity can help you ramp up your muscular fitness, endurance, and stamina all while burning those calories. Running also requires little to no equipment. A good pair of running shoes can take you a long way.

Running at eight miles per hour can help you get rid of up to a thousand calories in an hour. You can burn more if you run on uphill and rugged trails.


As a kid, you loved going around your neighborhood with your friends. It is still as good as it was when you are older. It is a form of exercise and will help you get fit. Cycling can be done in off-road biking trails, remote locations such as mountains and forests, and even in cities.

It helps with your lower body strength, balance, cardiovascular health, and coordination. Remember how difficult it was to learn how to ride a bike? That was the case because of how many factors come into the picture when you ride a bike. An hour of cycling can burn about 400 calories. You can amp up the difficulty by cycling in uphill and rugged trails, just like running.

Off-Road Driving

Driving can be a stressful activity especially if you live in a place notorious for hellish rush hour traffic. But driving off the road can be a recreational activity that will help you appreciate the art of driving — it can give you an adrenaline rush, get you in touch with mother nature, and increase your driving skills.

Off-road driving is not a walk in the park because the roads are muddy, uneven, and ragged. You will have to push your driving skills to the brink when doing the activity. Steering wheels are even harder to use in bumpy road settings and you are going to make use of big vehicles with heavy wheels.

This will allow your coordination, upper and lower body strength, and alertness. Consider starting with guided ATV tours to get a grip on what it’s like to drive in places without pavement and traffic.

Getting away from the daily grind is essential to keep us functioning well. We need time for ourselves, our hobbies, and the people around us. Life is not just about achievements — and even if it is, it is a great achievement to have a healthy mind and body living a fulfilling life full of thrill and adventure. If you have not started going out there, take this as a green light.

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