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People to Hire for Your Wedding

Every detail counts for your dream wedding to come true. Even if your friends and family are there to support you, planning your wedding can still be stressful without any professional help, and we do not want that to take its toll on your big day! But whose services would you need to make your wedding day awesome?

The list below answers that

Wedding Coordinator – the wedding coordinator shall be there to help you in every step of the way, so you should hire her or him as early as you can and before hiring anyone else. You must also book the venue before hiring other services, and the wedding planner could help you with that.

Photographer and videographer – they capture treasured moments. You may think that wedding photographers and videographers are a must but should not be a top priority, but you would be surprised at how their bookings pile up fast. They can only do one wedding per day after all!

Caterer – Great food is essential to your reception and the best caterer would surely be in-demand, so you might have to book them quite early.

Band/DJ – if you have a band, DJ or musician already in mind to play during the reception. Consider booking them early too, especially if they are quite popular.

Wedding officiant – of course, you need someone to officiate your wedding. Who can officiate a wedding depends on the state though, so look into it first.

Ceremony musicians – they play the music throughout the ceremony and may feature singers or just be purely instrumental. Consider sourcing them from the local university if you want to be frugal.

Florist – bouquets, corsages and all the floral decorations brighten up everything. Although the flowers need to be fresh for the big day, you might want to hire the florist at least a month or so before the wedding for better preparation..

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Bridal shops and/or tuxedo rentals – you and your partner may have plans on what to wear already, but the bridesmaids and groomsmen have to wear something special too, and these shops can help you. If you plan to have the clothes tailored, you may have to book them extra early.

Transportation – maybe you want to arrive and leave riding a limousine or a horse-drawn carriage, so consider the rental for that. Transportation could also entail your honeymoon and consulting with a travel agency can help you get great deals!

Cake baker – they may or may not be affiliated with the catering. Cake bakers can help you decide on how you want your wedding cake to look (and taste) like.

Stylists – you and your partner, along with the bridesmaids and groomsmen, should look your best for the wedding. Even if you can do your own makeup, hiring stylists would ensure that everyone’s looks are professionally styled and cohesive.

How many people you hire and how much you spend should not be what your wedding day is all about though. Keep in mind that it only marks the beginning of a lifelong partnership with the one you love, and the memories and the bond you share with each other matter much more than just the ceremony.

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