living room in gray, white, and black concept

Professionalism Is in the Details

The rustic look might have seen an upward trend in the last decade, but this does not mean that sloppy work can pass as professional. Even in the seemingly random and effortless design on cakes, barn weddings, exposed brick walls, and country homes, there is a method to the madness.

Any self-respecting company in Utah will have its way of presenting their work in the best light.


Though many have turned to rustic designs to permit themselves to live a not-so-perfect life, many still prefer their walls blemish-free and perfect. This means that sandblasting the walls and even the glass doors that separate the living room to the kitchen. Polished, perfectly painted walls show that some effort has been put into the finishing of the interiors, and if someone can pay professionals to pay attention to minuscule details such as bumps in the paint or the wall’s surface, surely they are paying top dollar. Even for those who are not paying a high price, they can still take advantage of the attention to detail to say their property costs more than it did. Especially if the owner has some knowledge of sanding themselves, they can take on the task and save even more.

Measured Chaos

Gone are the days of well-coifed interiors and manicured lawns. Now, it’s okay and even fashionable to have homes that look lived in and slightly overgrown grass. There’s a statement hidden there, you see. A living room with mismatched cushions belongs to a fun family, one who is too busy to cut their sandwiches into triangles because they are off chasing another adventure. Sure, they pay professional landscape artists to design their lawns, but they freely choose several hardscaping materials to give the garden a layered look. Even the wooden furniture pieces and interior designer adds to the outdoor space have not been made out of scraps despite looking a little rugged. Everything is done with purpose and intention, and they all go with the lived-in look.

Perfect Imperfection

open office space with exposed ceiling

You’ve seen the industrial look in restaurants, and they have also reached residential properties. Exposed ceilings and plumbing were unimaginable in the past, but now, they are considered trendy. This does not mean, however, that a house can take down walls and siding to show what is underneath. Though some have no choice but to expose these parts of the structure due to financial restrictions, it is more commonly done by choice. This means that from the design of the property, the exposed features have already been decided. And, of course, they have to be presented aesthetically, and other elements in the house should complement them. Those seemingly bare stairs are not a purely economical choice. But they sure look good with your exposed brick walls, don’t they?

Designers have a unique talent for hiding the intended purpose of their projects, giving way to what is to be perceived by the viewer. It takes skill to design without everything looking too perfect and too measured, but we can all agree that the finished product takes the cake.

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