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How to Relocate Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The real estate industry witnessed an unexpected rise in home buying when the COVID-19 pandemic happened. People are leaving the cities to escape crowds and enjoy a quiet life in the suburbs. Real estate experts point out that the sudden shift to remote work is the primary reason for the hot housing market. Homeowners want to live in quieter locations and work peacefully without the distractions and noise pollution of the typical urban area.

While relocation can bring healthy changes to the family, many realize the risk of moving during a pandemic. Even in normal circumstances, moving can be challenging and stressful, especially if you have a large family. From coordinating with the seller and finding the right moving company to packing items and hiring an electrician and a repairman—all these chores will easily tire you out by the time you settle in your new home.

Moving during a pandemic is a lot more different. There are a lot of factors to consider, with safety and health as your top priority. So whether you’re moving alone or with the family, it’s vital to ensure a safe move regardless of the location. With that in mind, here are ways to ensure a secure, safe, and seamless relocation during a pandemic.

Plan early

Regardless of the situation, it takes weeks or months to plan a move. If your local government is still implementing safety protocols or your area has a high level of virus transmission, you may expect that these instances can cause disruptions during your move. If possible, make sure to reduce the number of trips to lessen the exposure of everyone involved.

A huge part of relocation often goes to getting rid of items you no longer need. Normally, you can organize a garage sale in front of your home. But since you want to avoid crowds, it’s best to sell those items online or send them to donation centers.

Hire a professional mover

To make the move more efficient and less stressful, hire a moving company. This applies to homeowners who have to move with a large family, own a lot of heavy and fragile items, lack items and equipment to handle the move, or simply want to avoid the hassle of relocation.

To ensure a safe move, choose a moving company that understands the safety of your family and your belongings. Settle expectations about safety protocols, such as maintaining social distance, following safety guidelines, and wearing complete PPE. Ask them about the precautions they employ to avoid the spread of COVID-19 and if the movers are fully vaccinated. They should also have a website that discusses how they handle relocations during COVID-19. Also, don’t forget to check the client reviews to know the mover’s quality of service.

Most moving companies provide the option of sending clients moving quotes via email and the ability to access and sign documents electronically. This approach prevents the spread of the virus and avoids the hassle of handling paperwork.

Talk to the building manager and homeowner association

If you’re moving to a townhouse or condo, make sure to talk with the property manager before moving in. If you’re moving into a neighborhood, speak with the president of the homeowner association. Ask them if the area has moving policies concerning COVID-19. You can also inquire if they have implemented safety policies for the residents.

Clean the house before settling in

While it can be exciting to settle in your new home right away, it’s best to clean the house before unpacking. Sanitize the house before and after moving in. You have to ensure the place is spotless and has no traces of the previous tenant or owner. While cleaning, open the windows and doors to allow air to move around the house. To ensure the place is properly cleaned and disinfected, hire a cleaning company since they have access to cleaning products and tools. Give extra attention to high-touch surfaces, such as doorknobs, light switches, banisters, and other areas you don’t usually clean, such as walls, fans, and baseboards.

After the moving process, make sure to dispose of packing materials properly and clean the items before placing them in their rightful place.

The pandemic can ultimately add stress to your moving day, but it shouldn’t stop you from moving on with your life. Before you pack your belongings and hit the road, make sure to navigate all the safety practices when moving to a new location. Moving during a pandemic can be risky, but being a smart mover and following safety standards will you keep you and your family safe.

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