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Repurposing Fashion: How You Can Stay Trendy with Old Pieces

Trendy fashion is meant to catch the eye. It’s for people who are willing to go the extra mile to look up to date. Brands launch their collections every season that get sold out in a matter of minutes. Accessories have their own trends, too. They have become more feature-centric. People want to highlight a feature they love.

For instance, you can use shiny gold braces to emphasize your charming smile. Or you can wear a braided belt that matches your outfit. Attention-grabbing accessories are all the rage. Social media amps up the noise as influencers flaunt their latest styles.

On the other hand,  everyone who understands fashion knows that nothing can top the staples. A well-fitted suit, leather shoes, and sharp coat will always emit the aura of a gentleman. Then again, printed sweatshirts with sneakers look super cool. So what will you choose?

Don’t worry; you don’t always have to choose only one. You can combine different items and create your own look. There are certain tricks to combine clothes so that they look good. You’ll also save up on a lot of money that you spend on clothes.

Why is reinventing clothes necessary?

Fast fashion may look cool on social media, but in reality, it’s not always worth it. It can cost a lot of money and sanity. A piece of clothing that’s in trend today might become out of date tomorrow. That’s why to save yourself from this hassle, you must learn to combine old clothes to make new looks.

It’s sustainable, too. A lot of these trendy clothing brands underpay their workers and generate a lot of waste. By recycling older clothes, you not only look unique but also support the environment.

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How can you reinvent different clothes to create new looks?

Reinventing old clothes is an art. If you do it well, you can influence other people to do the same on social media. Here are some pointers that can help you create your style:

  • Customize old sneakers

Do you have a pair of old sneakers in your closet? You may look to get rid of them, but there’s a better idea. You can turn them into brand-new shoes. It’s not magic; all you need is some fabric paint and brushes.

Clean the sneakers because you can’t paint on a dirty canvas. Throw away the laces if necessary. No matter how hard you clean them, sometimes, they cannot look good anymore. Old laces lose their charm eventually.

Add in a new sole as the old one might affect the look. The new one can be comfortable and look good. Then, you can begin painting the sneaker. If you’re not good at it, you can ask a professional to do it. Either way, the sneaker will look brand new. Celebrities follow this trend, and you can do the same.

  • Accessorize to amp up the jeans and T-shirt look

Men have been wearing shirts and jeans for ages because they look good and feel comfortable. But sometimes, it’s not the best option when your goal is to look trendy. It’s the perfect time to accessorize and turn this into a cool outfit.

Consider wearing a light necklace or chain to amplify the look. It can make your basic T-shirt pop so that you get noticed by more people. A good idea would be to invest in different kinds of necklaces so that you have variety. Select different chains and pendants to give yourself several options.

Another great accessory is bracelets with beads. They can give a Bohemian vibe to an otherwise casual look. Make sure the color goes with the T-shirt, and you’re good to go.

  • Cut or create holes in the clothes

The goal is to achieve a trendy look without buying fast fashion. There’s a concept of ripped jeans and short collared shirts that sell for a huge price. But you can always go for an alternative by doing them yourself.

Take a pair of old jeans and a knife or scissors. Make sure your cutting tool is sharp. Make cuts on the knee areas, going as wide as you want. It’s that simple. You can do the same thing with collared denim shirts. Cut off the collar or sleeves (or both), and you’ll have a brand new round-necked top. As you wear this shirt frequently, the collar can get distressed, giving a more edgy look.

These are some of the effective and creative ideas you can try to enhance your fashion game. They are free to do and can make you look stylish and trendy. Remember, you don’t have to buy fast fashion as you can always create a new look in the comfort of your home.

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