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The Work-at-home Life: Sharp Workouts to Do at Home

In recent times, even before the pandemic, people have been getting steadily into working out at home. There are certain benefits to having a space at home where you can keep fit. For one, you do not need to leave, and there are different ways to participate in a group fitness session if you want.

Working out from home also saves you a lot of money. You don’t need to pay a gym membership fee, and you don’t have to allot time to get to the gym, work out, and go back home. In the pandemic, this benefit presents itself even more noticeably; at a time when most places are locked down, there’s no safer place to work out than from the safety of your own place.

Feeling like you need to stretch your muscles a little? Here are a few tips and workouts you can do to keep yourself and your immune system fit and ready.

The Beginner Body Weight Exercise

This Beginner Exercise relies on your own body weight as a weight with which to train your muscles. It can be done at home, and you don’t even need a bigger space. All you need is a generally undisturbed area, your body, and a time in which no one shall distract you.

The basics for this exercise are something anyone beginning to come back to working out can do. You can do it in your room or, for a touch of the sun, you can also choose some outdoor patio with awnings on which you can work out to your heart’s content.

This exercise is also done as a circuit. You can do it again and again, just so long as you have the energy for it.

The Advanced Course for Body Weight Workouts

This next workout counts on your body weight, eliminating the need for expensive workout tools and going to the gym. It’s something you can do at home, but these are for those who had spent time in the gym before the lockdowns affected them.

Most of these exercises are composed of different basics like leg squats and walking lunges. Then again, if you’re not already conditioned and the beginner’s exercises feel easy for you, then you’ll likely find these more of a challenge than the former.

Again, these can be done in any space at home. Just make sure that you’re out of the way when you’re working out.

The Hotel Routine Using Your Body Weight in Exercise

There are instances where people are stuck in a hotel room in another state or out of the country. Even with the posh surroundings, it can get pretty boring fast. This is true when you cannot go out and look at the place where you’re staying.

If this is how it is with you, you can also use that hotel room to work out. Most of these exercises use available equipment like luggage and the hotel desk. If you can, you should intensify the level according to how fit you are and what exercises you can do.

You can also use a timer to see how many circuit repetitions you can do. Remember to warm up first before doing anything.

The Wonders of Planking

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Some people might look negatively at planking because there’s not much movement, but something happens when you plank. It’s an excellent choice for strengthening your core, one of the hardest muscle groups to tone. It’s challenging if you’ve also got fat on your stomach.

There are more challenging versions of planking, such as lifting one leg while you maintain your balance. But this is a great exercise if you’ve got small spaces to use in your home. You won’t necessarily hit anything, plus you’ll be out of the way perfectly.

Using Tools like Dumbbells and Resistance Bands

Resistance bands and dumbbells are tools that you can use when exercising at home. Most of these are sold at affordable prices and are also easy to stash away, and don’t eat up much space. In the case of dumbbells, it’s a good idea to move up to higher weights once you can lift them.

You can also use any other material, as long as they’re tensile, for your resistance band workout. It’s a great tool for strength training. It’s been shown that resistance bands work your muscles just as well as lifting a weight or working with weight machines.

There are a lot of exercises out there, but you should not push yourself. Be wise when exercising; choose workouts that you can begin sweating with, and you’ll find yourself climbing the exercise ladder sooner than you think.

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