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Squeeze These Activities into Your Workout Routine

It can be challenging to manage your time, and it seems like the 24 hours you have each day are not enough to fit all the things you want to do. But when you add a little elbow grease to managing your schedule, you will find ways to squeeze activities in places you may have overlooked. One of the most important items you should have on your list is your fitness routine. You ideally should be doing that at least three times a week.

While it is true that you also have to look after relevant stuff like work or school, putting your health as a priority will allow you to become productive and enjoy the little things that life can offer. Those also take a huge chunk of your time, but as far as your fitness routine goes, you should also look for spots where you can squeeze these companion activities.

Cheat Day

When you hear the words “cheat day,”¬†food usually is the first thing that comes to mind. Being fit is not just about exercising regularly. It is also about having a balanced diet. This takes a lot of discipline, as you will find yourself in a situation where you are forced to shun your favorite dishes. Admittedly, the delicious ones are salty, greasy, or both. It is hard to resist classic go-to snacks like burgers and pizza, but you have to let them go in the name of health. You do not have to say goodbye to them totally, because you can look forward to eating what you want during cheat day.

You do not have to limit cheat day to food. Let this be the time for you to indulge in things you like without worrying about other things. If you have set aside some disposable cash, you can give yourself time for shopping and forget about being thrifty for a moment. Or you can forget about the chores for a day and spend most of it handing out at your favorite places. Let your cheat day be the day when you get to break some rules somehow.

Pamper-Yourself Day

You work hard to earn money and also to keep yourself healthy. For that, you should think of rewarding yourself. That is what pampering yourself is all about. It is doing activities for your pleasure and enjoyment. This is the moment where you can sit and relax. One of the things you can sign up for that fits this day is getting massage therapy. Working out and being a productive person can leave your body feeling battered and bruised. Relieve the pain that your muscles and bones harbor by having them rubbed away by the hands of experts. Each air pocket or knotted nerve would be ironed out. You will feel good as new when your session is finished.

Planning Day

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If you want to be really serious about bringing your fitness level to the highest it can be, doing your regular exercises is not enough. If you want to see improvements and results, you have to learn how to track your statistics. Measuring your waistline or weight, checking your vital signs, and comparing your present and historical data are things you need to do to see if your workout program is effective. Numbers do not lie, and you want to make sure that all the effort you are spending is worth it by seeing the results.

Set a planning day so you can have a better structure for your fitness routine. One of the things you can do is compile all the data you have collected throughout the past week. If you have the past numbers, you can see if you are getting improvements or not. The latter should prompt you to make changes or improve your program. Solutions only show up when there are problems, and identifying flaws in your process is the first step in eradicating them.

Reflection Day

Health and fitness are not just about the body but also about your mind. Life can be a cluttered mess, especially when you have to juggle work pressures and stressful situations that you might encounter on the streets. It would be wise for you to dedicate a day for you to reflect on yourself. If you have things that have been bothering you, this is when you can think about how to get over them. You can also use this time to meditate and get rid of cluttered thoughts. Your approach to health should be holistic. So, in addition to working out and making your body fit, you should also not forget about having peace of mind.

Your fitness routine should not be limited to physical activities. You can do these things that help maintain your sanity and keep you motivated on working out and eating right. If these are not in your calendar yet, you should start plotting them in.

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